Insights for the Health Practitioner 

At the risk of covering again old news, the contribution of the health profession to the safety of Australians over the past three years has been inspirational at all levels. 

The clichéd ‘people at the coal face’ took on a new meaning as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals all stepped up to treat their patients of a myriad of ailments through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Short of staff, overworked, facing abuse from anxiety-struck patients and having to do it day in and day out pushed many professionals to their limits. If there was ever a deserved collective “Australian of the Year”, it would go to the healthcare profession. 

At RSM, we deal with many healthcare professionals across all industries in the sector, and have been doing so for 100+ years. We have put together in this publication a collection of our recent stories and articles around the Health Practitioner. Whilst it is a ‘repeat’, we believe that many business management principles don’t change much over time. They might get fine tuned as technology advances or competition changes but in many cases, the principles are a good foundation over the long term. So happy reading!

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