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In days gone by, businesses would have handled all elements of running a business in-house, but for modern businesses outsourcing has provided access to a whole army of people, technology and companies available to help with the running of a business.

Once seen as taboo, outsourcing has fast become globally accepted and even normalised within most industries.

Due to its application in almost every area of our lives, business owners have become increasingly comfortable with outsourcing, embracing it to establish better workflows and processes within their business.

This guide has been written with insights from senior members of RSM’s various teams who specialise in delivering outsourced services. The information is intended to help any business considering accessing outsourced services or looking to progress their outsourcing activities.


In this edition of thinkBIG, we take a closer look at:

- What is outsourcing?
- The Tech Boom
- The Gig Economy
- Freelancers
- The impact of COVID-19
- Strategic partnerships
- Assessing the need to outsource
- Outsourcing technology services
- Avoiding common mistakes
- Case study: Reducing complexity
- Case study: Financial functions
- Case study: Navigating an evolving market
- Getting started


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Whether you’re a local small to medium enterprise, or a foreign business looking to establish a presence in Australia, hiring and managing staff to fill key business roles can be very challenging.

RSM Strategic Outsourcing provides an on-demand accounting solution that gives you access to personalised, technical expertise on-call and all year round, and aligns your business with best practice systems, processes and technology.