» SECTION 1: Financial Impacts

  • Evolving agricultural labour market
  • Extended supply chains
  • The changing political landscape and impacts on export markets

» SECTION 2: Risk Management and Security

  • Changing role of technology
  • The rise of cybersecurity concerns
  • The need for comprehensive succession planning in 2022 and beyond

» SECTION 3: Future Considerations

  • Environmental, social and governance considerations for the future of agribusiness 
  • Research and development
  • The future of agribusiness in Australia

Australia is a major agricultural producer and exporter, making agribusiness a critical sector for the country’s economy and contributor to continued economic growth.

Australia’s agricultural producers are currently experiencing unprecedented favourable seasonal conditions and record high commodity prices leading to record-breaking results.

The report provides an overview of the challenges the industry currently faces, along with recommendations and insights from industry leaders.


The report outlines several areas that will need to be addressed by those operating within the agricultural sector in 2022 and beyond.


SECTION 1: Financial Impacts


SECTION 2: Risk Management and Security


SECTION 3: Future Considerations


Australian agribusiness beyond 2022


Spotlight on agribusiness specialists


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