The 2030 Big Picture series

Regional Australia is fundamental to the strength and vitality of our national economy. The Australian economy is largely driven by Australia's agriculture, forestry, fishing and mining industries, predominantly located in regional Australia.

Most of the gas and electricity that powers our nation is also produced in regional country.

We have been working and living in regional Australia since 1922 so it is more than just a place of business for us. We are constantly looking at ways to harness and promote the rich beauty, resources and opportunities in the regions.


The 2030 Big Picture series profiles the following dynamic regional cities.

South West of Western Australia (available now)

Southern Queensland - spotlight on Toowoomba (available now)

Mid West of Western Australia (available now)

New South Wales (Riverina Murray region) (available now)

New South Wales (Gosford and the Central Coast region) (available now)

Each report in this five-part series has been prepared using a range of market research and data and includes interviews with senior business leaders, economists and advisers on their attitudes on the trends, opportunities and challenges of these regions.

Perspectives on the economic opportunities for...

South West of Western Australia

The South West of Western Australia is possibly the most attractive area to invest in throughout all of Australia. Rich in an array of natural resources, agriculture, viticulture and improved access to the city of Perth and beyond, the sun is shining in the South West. 

Toowoomba in Southern Queensland

Toowoomba is one of Australia’s most vibrant regions with rich, fertile soil, lending itself to thriving agriculture production coupled with significant infrastructure development connecting it to the city of Brisbane and well beyond.

Mid West of Western Australia

The Mid West region accounts for nearly one fifth of WA’s land area and boasts a highly diversified economy due to differences in climate in various localities, from agriculture to mining & tourism.

Riverina region in New South Wales

The Riverina is a rich agricultural region in southwestern NSW. Significant opportunities abound in agriculture, tourism, residential and commercial real estate, and manufacturing.

Central Coast region in New South Wales

The Central Coast region, with its premium waterways, beautiful hinterlands and lush farming land has great developmental opportunities, especially in a changing professional landscape.

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