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Data Management Services

Good Data Management equates to managing information as an asset, creating value and building trust in the use of data. It provides the foundation on which analytics is performed and vital decisions are made.

Our services include: Information Strategy, Data Governance, Data Quality, Master Data Management and Data Classification.

  • Data Quality assessment – leveraging better practise to drive improvement of key data items that matter most to your business.
  • Data Governance - we help you create a data governance strategy and embed efficient and effective governance to help manage important data.
  • Master Data Management – we help you organise and manage key data assets, creating a single point of truth that can be leveraged to create insight and drive decision making.
  • Information Strategy – we assist in developing a strategy around how information is used in your organisation, what data is crucial for functioning and decision making, and how to build and maintain it.


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End-to-end review of data quality

The client required an end-to-end review of their data lineage and quality. This included extensive mapping and lineage of data systems and data quality review. We defined key reporting metrics and dimensions, tracing how these were created from data origination, through to reporting.

This included a significant number of interviews, tracing data processes, and review of documents and processes.


  • Documented and mapped the systems, data and coding landscape into a data lineage map
  • Reviewed that scope to understand which data elements existed in materially market sensitive reports
  • Delivered a data governance framework which included maturity ratings, responsibilities, data quality risks, change management plans, product system diagrams and maps
  • Identified and enacted remediation plans for a number of new issues to correct a large amount of misstated data
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