Data Analytics strategy and capability build

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Strategy and Capability Build


Data Analytics strategy and capability build

RSM recognises the value building a Data Analytics capability can bring to organisations.

We can assist in building a Data Analytics capability to create sustainable competitive advantage and maximise the use of data across your organisation.

We assist in creating and embedding a culture that values and seeks out data-driven insight to identify and prioritise strategic initiatives, improve the management of risk and enhance the value proposition to customers.

Typical client objectives include:

  • Improved reporting and analytics capabilities to enable more evidence-based decision making, reducing ‘gut feel’ decisions.
  • Enabling more efficiency, productivity, and business outcomes, through embedding analytics into business processes.
  • Creating a scalable, agile, secure, and reliable platform on which to conduct analysis and perform data management.
  • Developing a single source of truth – a data source with strong governance and reliability that can be trusted.
  • Understand opportunities to monetise data and how it can be used to create value for customers and the business.


How can we help you?

RSM will identify the key enablers, strategy and roadmap that help you build a sustainable and value-generating Data Analytics function in your own organisation.

To extract the most value from analytics and do so in a cost-efficient and continuous manner, it is essential to focus on the key foundations of building a Data Analytics capability, including:

Additionally, addressing the following basic organisational issues is essential: