What does an Auditor do?

RSM have a range of employee benefits available


  • Audit is a very broad and marketable profession
  • It is not a specialised field like Tax. Audit is a great place to start your career as it provides you with a strong technical base including both Accounting and Auditing standards
  • Auditors gain a high amount of exposure through their audit of companies in their entirety. This is why a large portion of Financial Controllers and CFOs started their career in audit
  • International secondment opportunities within the RSM global network

A day in the life ...


At the Client

  • Team environment
  • ​Dependent on the size of the job, up to half a dozen team members work together
  • Team members range from Graduate to Partner

In the Office

  • Wrap up existing jobs
  • Plan future jobs

To enjoy a career in audit you need to be a team player with a positive attitude.

  • Every day we are working amongst our colleagues/friends. Bouncing ideas off one another and constantly learning. Every client does things a little differently. Audit is all about asking the right questions, thinking on your feet, tackling problems head on and being able to adapt to a range of situations. 

The workload in Audit is very seasonal with two main periods:

  • Peak season (Busy season) - Typically July to the end of September.
    • The majority of Australian listed companies (Listed on ASX) have a 30 June year-end.
    • These companies are required to lodge accounts (Annual Report) with regulatory bodies (ASX) by 30 September.
    • ​Many other clients i.e. Government Audits, Large Pty Ltd also have a 30 June year-end with similar deadlines. ​These companies are required to issue an Audit Report (issued upon completion of the  year end audit).
  • The remainder includes half-year lodgements for ASX listed clients (31 Dec half-year reports). There are also audits for Large Pty Ltd companies, Schools, Legal Trusts, Real estate Trusts, Associations (the list goes on). These have various year ends.


  • Typically longer hours than other divisions during busy season
  • Given number of clients & lodgement deadlines, this part of the year requires everyone to pitch in and work as a team to complete the audit.


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