As part of this RSM has a strong commitment to gender equality and fair and equal pay for all our employees. 

We are pleased that our recent annual WGEA report showed we have achieved a zero percent pay gap of median remuneration. For RSM our median or middle salary is the same number for women and men meaning there is zero percent difference. Our average remuneration gender pay gap is 7.2%. This is the difference in average earnings between women and men at RSM. With a dedicated focus by RSM this percentage has been improving since 2020 when it was 10.5%. It is also 12.5 points lower than the Industry Comparison Group average of 19.7%.  

Pleasingly, we currently have an even gender split across our business, with a significant improvement in the gender diversity of our Senior Leadership Group. This commitment has led to a 10% growth in our female Senior Leadership team over the last four years with 22% of female representation across Senior Leadership Positions.  

We continue to work on pay equity and gender inclusion at RSM with key actions including:

  • Continuing to conduct regular pay reviews and audits to identify and then address any pay disparities
  • Reviewing our employee engagement data from our quarterly surveys to continue to close the gap between male and female engagement
  • Delivering our robust current DEI strategyWGEA report
  • Developing meaningful careers at RSM and increasing the Principal and Partner pipeline through ongoing development and mentoring opportunities across the firm
  • Working through Phase Two of our DEI Strategy with a focus on our broader demographic diversity areas including Cultural Awareness, Indigenous Support, LGBTIQ+ Inclusion and Disability Employment
  • Signatory on the UN Women’s Empowerment Principles

One of RSM’s 2024 strategic priorities is growing and nurturing our people by embracing diversity of culture, gender, thought and inclusiveness as well as attracting, rewarding and sustaining talent. This review is part of our ongoing commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at RSM and our Employee Value Proposition where everyone is part of the change. We are confident that these initiatives will reduce our average gender pay gap over time and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace for everyone.