Undergraduate Recruitment Process

RSM Graduate Recruitment Process

At RSM, we aim to make our recruitment process as straight forward as possible.

We understand you have a lot going on between studying, part-time jobs, friends and family commitments so we have made sure the application process doesn’t take up too much of your time.

We have outlined the standard process below so you can see what will be involved at each stage of the process.

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+ What is a Video/telephone interview?

Once applications have closed, be prepared for a phone call from our Human Resources Department at any time during business hours. Alternatively, we may ask you to complete a video interview. We will ask you questions based on your application, skills, attributes and relevant experience.

Remember this is your first and potentially only opportunity to impress and put your best self forward.

+ What is a recruitment session?

This will be a chance for you to see the office where you could be working, meet your future colleagues and get a glimpse into the life of an Accountant. There will be assessments and activities such as interviews, group tasks, presentations, testing, written exercises and networking sessions. At a recruitment session, we will look for skills such as teamwork, collaboration, leadership, technical ability, written and spoken communication. Remember professional business attire is a must!

+ What is online Cognitive Testing?

Cognitive Testing measures verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning. It is a multiple choice assessment that takes 20 minutes to complete. The assessments are emailed to you and need to be completed within a required timeframe. Remember to complete these assessments in a quiet environment without distractions.

+ What is the written assessment?

The written assessment is designed to gauge your business analytical thinking. The testing is part multiple choice and part case study. There will be a focus on basic accounting principles and will be tailored to your division of choice.

+ What is involved in offer stage?

This is the phone call you have been waiting for! If successful, HR will call you shortly after attending the recruitment session to make you an employment offer. In this phone call HR will discuss the terms and conditions of your offer and you will be asked if it is an offer you would be likely to accept. This is a good time to ask any questions you may have.

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