“It’s good to get answers from guys who have seen and helped other businesses grow - their advice is invaluable” 

- Paul Holdom, Owner/ Director of Peel Scape Solutions

Peel Scape Solutions case study

Peel Scape Solutions is a residential and commercial landscaping and irrigation company based in Mandurah.Peel Scape Solutions case study

Operating for the last 12 years, owner Paul Holdom and his wife Carolyn, have been running the business with seven full-time staff. Supplying all types of irrigation and landscaping work, including maintenance and installation, in Mandurah and surrounding suburbs.

Working with RSM

Due to the seasonal nature of work and the multiple services offered, both maintenance and landscaping, it was important for the business to know which parts were most profitable. It was time for change when the team at Peel Scape Solutions approached RSM as they had been experiencing issues with their previous Perth-based accountant who had limited understanding of the local business’ needs. The convenience of working with a locally-based accountant such as RSM in Mandurah was the reason Paul reached out to Vernon Davey, fast discovering the personal approach the team has with clients.

“RSM are approachable, helpful and want to help grow our business”

What RSM can offer

After an initial meeting to assess accounting needs, Paul was introduced to Matthew Robinson to discuss business planning and growth for the future. Over the next 12 months, the team at RSM worked with Peel Scape Solutions to understand what made them tick, analysing data from the setup of financial models to craft the right plan. The results of this engagement were clear. The strategic plan was formulated to navigate the future growth plans of the business, actively building business for both divisions of the company.

“It’s good to get answers from guys who have seen and helped other business grow - their advice is invaluable” Paul says.

Since then, Peel Scape Solutions has stayed focussed on monitoring business performance, making positive adjustments in the day-to-day business processes. In what is a seasonal business, they have been able to leverage off a stable team of employees by Peel Scape Solutionsundertaking more jobs through internal efficiencies, identified new markets in the commercial sector that are less cyclical and introduced an estimator to keep the quotes up to ensure there is always work in the pipeline.

Planning is essential to any business and the advisors at RSM understand that in order to help a company succeed in the long term, you need to partner with the client throughout the entire process. Since consulting with RSM, Peel Scape Solutions has experienced growth in every area of the business and Paul is confident in the success, development and continuous partnership with RSM into the future.

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