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Feeling the pressure from increasing expectations and personal responsibility as a company director?

The modern business world can be quicksand for boards and directors slow on their feet. Directors with an old-school focus on "the bottom line" that ignores anything not printed on a balance sheet may discover too late that non-financial risks carry very real financial implications for companies, their investors and their customers.
Directors need updated knowledge and skills if they are to respond appropriately to the current challenges companies face.
Update your corporate strategy to manage your non-financial risk effectively in 2023 and beyond.

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Gone are the days when directors were merely responsible for mitigating balance sheet risks and ticking off on compliance. 

Compensation claims, litigation, reputational damage, and the loss of social licence can all become the costly consequences of inattention to non-financial risks.

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Thank you to the following individuals for providing their valuable insights:

Darren Booth Partner, RSM 
Matthew Cunneen Partner, RSM 
Jacob Elkhishin Partner, RSM 
Pippa Hobson Partner, RSM 
Ashwin Pal Partner, RSM 
Tim Pittaway Partner, RSM

From improving business processes and assessing risks for business performance, to creating business continuity plans and disaster recovery programs through a detailed risk assessment, RSM offers a wide range of services to identify and manage business risks by developing a business risk management.

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