What does a Restructuring & Recovery Analyst do?

In respects of corporate insolvency, an accountant who assists the External Administrator (for example a Liquidator) to:

  • Take legal & practical control of an insolvent company
  • ​Communicate the effect of the Liquidator’s appointment with stakeholders, particularly creditors
  • Secure, preserve and realise the (various) assets of the Company, including trading on a business when required
  • Investigate the records of the Company, to identify and pursue legal claims available (to maximise funds for creditors)
  • Report breaches of law to regulators
  • Report outcome of realisations and investigations to creditors and hold creditors meetings
  • Distribute funds to creditors, in accordance with the Corps Act
  • Similar to a football umpire, the Liquidator (and the Liquidator’s staff) are in control of, and are accountable for, the liquidation process.


  • Australian corporate & insolvency law (Corps Act) means we are appointed to Australian incorporated companies
  • Onsite attendance to understand and to control the Company’s assets and affairs (mostly metro, but also regional centres)
  • Liaising with stakeholders regarding sale of Company’s assets, wherever that may be
  • Liaising with Lawyers to assist with legal recoveries.
  • Mostly in office, attending to most tasks, including investigations & reports to ASIC & creditors.


  • A large range of professional skill acquired & required, keeps it interesting
  • A large array of industries 
  • Achieving the best outcome from a difficult situation
  • Working in a team environment 


  • Ability to work calmly & professionally under stressful conditions
  • Statutory timeframes often requires longer hours when needed​


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What does a Restructuring & Recovery Analyst do?
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