RSM offers Safe Harbour strategies

Demonstrating an improvement of services whilst meeting the demands of cost efficiency makes the public sector a tough environment.

Working together with you, our practical expertise will help you meet these challenges and excel.

We understand the pressures you face, where the management of risk, financial accountability and performance, and effective decision making are always under scrutiny. Our specialist government and public sector team have the experience and in-depth knowledge you need to meet accountability demands and operate the best you can.

We are one of the leading providers of accounting and advisory services to government departments, state government agencies and local government authorities.


Pippa Hobson
National Leader, Government

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RSM offers Safe Harbour strategies

The wide world of government grants

31 January 2023
Australian Governments offer billions of dollars of grant funding over approximately 5,000 programs. To complicate matters, the grants landscape is constantly changing, with programs expiring and emerging daily.

WA Local Government Act reforms: 6 key changes to financial management and reporting

5 January 2022
In early November, the Western Australian Government announced a series of proposed changes to the Local Government Act, resulting in a number of key changes to financial management and reporting. 

Rapid Antigen Tests – Tax deductibility myths debunked

4 January 2022
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told the media in recent days that rapid antigen tests (RATs) for COVID-19 are 'tax deductible'. 

Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) | Round 2 (Translation)

14 December 2021
Translation Stream - Round 2 The Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) is a $1.3 billion initiative targeted at all businesses growing Australia’s Manufacturing capacity, building scale, and supply chain resilience.

Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) | Round 2 (Integration)

13 December 2021
Integration Stream - Round 2 The Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) is a $1.3 billion initiative targeted at all businesses growing Australia’s Manufacturing capacity, building scale, and supply chain resilience.

Why government agencies must plan ahead to protect funding

23 November 2021
The events of the past 18 months have certainly proven how important it is for businesses in the private sector to plan ahead.

Local Council laws prepare for major shakeup amid new proposed changes – what you need to know

18 November 2021
Changes to WA’s Local Government Act have arrived 18 months after the Local Government Review Panel's findings and recommendations were tabled in state parliament. The report proposed significant reforms to the Act which has been in place since the mid-1990s.

WA government agencies: Climate-related risk disclosures in financial reporting

3 November 2021
The old adage “sunlight is the best disinfectant” is very apt when it comes to the growing need for more complete and consistent disclosure of climate-related risks in the financial reports of Western Australian (WA) Government agencies, and government trading enterprises (GTEs). 

Tips for managing risk through and after COVID-19

2 November 2021
Many organisations are engaged in discussions about COVID-19 and its implications from a risk management perspective.

RSM extends corporate tax practice with appointment of experienced new Partner

29 October 2021
RSM has announced the appointment of Carl Di Lorenzo as a new Partner in the firm’s tax services division based in Perth.

3 tips to protect your government agency from a ransomware attack

23 September 2021
Are you scared of being a victim of ransomware?

The challenging future facing WA infrastructure projects

14 June 2021
Infrastructure spending in Australia is a big-ticket item for the government at all levels.

Risk Management in Local Government

6 May 2021
Why local governments in WA must act to mitigate risk and implement effective risk management Following the appointment of the Auditor General as their official auditor several years ago, local governments in Western Australia have faced greater scrutiny surrounding financial management.

How to make building financial model spreadsheets less risky

15 January 2021
You’ve spent weeks and weeks building the financial model, getting the data inputs and bringing it all together. You sit back and look at what the numbers are telling you, but something doesn’t seem quite right.

Probity in Public Sector Procurement

13 November 2020
Are you worried about probity?