Our Chat with World Champion Triathlete, Sarah Crowley

Website:  https://www.sarahcrowleytriathlete.com/

Key Contact: Sarah Crowley

Location: Brisbane, QLD

Drink of choice: Long black with a side of cold milk

In the latest episode of our Coffee Conversations series, World Champion Triathlete Sarah Crowley joins host Steve Healey to share her remarkable journey.

Boasting eight Ironman championships and the unique distinction of being the sole winner of three Ironman events in Australia in a single year, Sarah is a force to be reckoned with in the world of triathlon. Expressing her enthusiasm about joining the RSM team in Brisbane, Sarah delves into her unconventional background before joining the firm.

Originally from Adelaide, Sarah began her career in corporate finance while balancing the demands of being a professional triathlete. In 2016, she transitioned to pursuing her athletic endeavours full-time, securing a position at the Queensland Academy of Sport. Sarah candidly addresses the challenges she faced in triathlon, particularly in swimming, and describes how mastering this skill propelled her to the pinnacle of her sport.

Join Sarah and Steve in this engaging episode as they explore the intersections of athleticism, career changes, and personal growth.

As she looks to her post-athletic career, Sarah shares her journey to RSM in Brisbane and the challenges she anticipates in making such an extreme lifestyle change. Despite her nervousness about the transition, Sarah's excitement to learn and be part of a new team shines through. She discusses her ability to adapt and draws parallels between the mindset of a professional athlete and that of a corporate chartered accountant, emphasising the mental transition involved in both pursuits.


Based in Brisbane, Steve Healey is a director of the Tax Services division specialising in local and international corporate tax matters.