Why customer service is vital in a sea of automation | Part 3

Do you want your business to stand out from the rest?
Offer a quality user experience!

Great customer service isn't just about resolving an issue.
If you really want to differentiate yourself and impress your customers, you need to consider their experience from beginning to end. This is where user experience comes in. 


User experience is becoming a strong focus for more and more organisations as competition increases and expectations among customers change. If you've got it right, your customers will have a consistent, positive experience every time they come into contact with your brand. This means from the first time they land on your website, through to their online transactions, apps or tools that are linked with your brand, through to pose-sales follow ups and more. 

Once you've gone through the process of improving your customer service, the logical next step is to think about the whole customer or user experience. User experience looks at the whole journey, not just direct interactions between customers and your employees. 

To fully understand the quality of customer experience, you will need to map out the entire customer journey, from the first time they land on your website all the way to when they make a repeat purchase. User experience means removing any roadblocks on this journey that could be preventing a customer completing a transaction. 

The benefits of a great user experience

As well as troubleshooting potential issues, creating a great user experience means ensuring a consistent message is communicated across every touch point, from your website and app to your customer service team. Your brand values should be clear and communicated across all platforms. If you feel like you can't afford to spend the time on your customer service staff or training, it's well worth thinking about whether you can actually afford not to. With customer service having such a direct impact on profitability, overlooking its importance is not an option if you want to be successful.

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