CPS 234 – Tripartite Audit

RSM is one of those few organisations that are uniquely qualified to perform the audit and report in line with the ASAE 3150 standards required by APRA.

A complete assessment – CPS 234 Tripartite Audit

Our audit methodology will ensure a thorough analysis of your CPS 234 environment. The ASAE 3150 audit will cover the following areas:

  • A fair presentation of the system description
  • Suitability of design and implementation of controls to achieve the required control objectives
  • Operating effectiveness of controls as designed throughout the 12 months prior to the start of the assessment.


 RSM credentials

  • We have conducted a number of CPS 234 audits for APRA regulated entities in Australia
  • We have assisted APRA regulated entities through the design and implementation of controls to meet CPS 234 compliance
  • We have worked with APRA regulated entities to improve information security controls, control effectiveness testing programs, third party control assessments and incident response capabilities
  • We have extensive information security control framework experience and use specialist information security auditors to complete the audits
  • We have completed ASAE 3150 reports for compliance with the Consumer Data Right information security requirements to become an accredited data recipient for Open Banking
  • We are fiercely independent in our role to ensure the highest integrity in our work


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Download our brochure on CPS - Tripartite Audit


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