Webinar: R&D Tax Incentives and Capital Access

Business Insights

R&D financing is increasingly gaining popularity in Australia, with many innovative businesses discovering that R&D finance can be a practical and efficient strategy to accelerate innovation programs and maximise ROI.

RSM Australia, in partnership with Radium Capital, hosted a presentation on R&D tax incentives and capital access and about how R&D finance and Radium Advances can help support R&D, whatever the stage or size.


In this insightful session, NSW & QLD State Managers, Patrick Stewart and Samara Chandran, will:

  • Discuss how R&D finance works
  • Share customer stories and insights
  • Explore how businesses eligible for the RDTI refund can leverage R&D financing as a source of non-dilutive capital.

Jess Olivier, National R&D Partner at RSM Australia, on the other hand, provided an overview of:

  • The R&D tax incentive and recent program changes
  • The types of activities and expenses that can be claimed
  • Key areas of regulatory focus
  • Potential industry-related Government Grants


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Watch the recording below:


For questions about R&D Tax Incentive, contact Jess Olivier or visit our webpage.