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David Stanbridge
Senior Manager

Plan. Prepare. Respond with RSM: Penetration testing for the mining industry. 

Are your mining operations exposed to cyber threats? Do not let cyber vulnerabilities undermine the bedrock of your business. 

Operational technology is a crucial aspect of mining, and it plays a significant role in the continuous and sustained operation of all mining companies.  To ensure the reliability and security of these systems, it is essential to conduct penetration testing. This assessment helps to identify any potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited by external parties. By discovering such issues in a safe and controlled environment, it becomes possible to address them proactively and ensure that the systems remain functional and secure.

With over 25 years of experience in IT and cyber security, RSM’s Senior Manager for Cyber Security and Privacy Risk Services, David Stanbridge, understands the value penetration testing offers the mining industry.

In this video, David shares his insights on penetration testing and how it can be used to safeguard your mining business from potential cyber attacks. Learn about ‘Nomad’, RSM’s remote testing device that minimises costs and impact on operations and discover how RSM's penetration testing services can help ensure the profitability and safety of mine sites.

Penetration Testing

Watch the video to learn more about how you can take charge of change and prepare your mining company for the future with RSM's cyber security and penetration testing services.


I'm David Stanbridge. I'm a senior manager with the Cyber Security and Privacy Team at RSM in Perth. I have over 25 years’ experience in I.T. and cyber security.

Because uptime is so important in the mining industry, we develop a customisable approach that we will talk to the customer that we're working with to make sure that the way that we do the penetration testing does not adversely affect any of the systems, to make sure that they're happy with it. The timing we look at, to make sure that we do it at a schedule and a time that has the minimum impact to the customer. cyber assistance

Many mine sites are remote in distant, far-flung parts of the state and the country. We have a device, a Nomad device, we call it, that we can send out to these remote sites. It allows us to perform our penetration testing without our penetration testers actually being present on the specific site. And that has a number of really good benefits to the organisation in as much as the cost of flying somebody out, a professional to these sites is reduced. In the case that you do need to have somebody on site, we can do that too.remote testing

Because operational technology is so important to the mining industry. It's imperative that the systems that maintain the running of mine sites are tested on a regular basis to ensure that there's no vulnerabilities, there's no issues with that. And that effectively the bottom line of that company is not affected.