The Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI)

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The Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) is a $1.3bn initiative targeted at all businesses growing Australia’s Manufacturing capacity, building scale, and supply chain resilience. MMI

The MMI program is the signature program of the Australian Federal Government’s $1.5bn Modern Manufacturing Strategy, which was announced at the October 2020 Federal Budget.

Are you undertaking manufacturing establishment/expansion projects in any of the following areas? 

  1. Space – Applications closed.
  2. Medical Products – Applications closed.
  3. Resources Technology & Critical Minerals Processing – Applications closed.
  4. Food and Beverage –  Applications closed.
  5. Recycling & Clean Energy – Applications closed.
  6. Defence – Applications closed.


The business’ particular industry is not relevant to eligibility, as long as the project fits within one of the six categories above.


Will the project’s capital expenditure be a minimum of $2M?Modern Manufacturing

The MMI will provide co-funding grants of between $1m-$20m for projects (i.e. Minimum Project Size of $2m), up to 50% of the eligible project expenditure. The MMI is operating across three streams, of which only the first two are currently open:

  • Manufacturing Translation Stream - Applications closed.

Businesses looking to scale manufacturing to commercialise IP into commercial outcomes.

  • Manufacturing Integration Stream - Applications closed.

Businesses looking to scale manufacturing to access and integrate into global supply chains.

Significant business-to-business and business-to-research collaboration, building economies of scale. Detailed information will become available once the grant opens.

Subsequent funding rounds will be available in future years, with MMI Round 2 expected to open in Q1 FY22. However, given the tight timelines, the number of applications is likely to be lower in this round, therefore, if you have a project which may be eligible, there may be a greater possibility of succeeding in this round.

For more information

If you have a potentially eligible client/project, please contact Jess Olivier (Sydney), Richard Wraith (Melbourne), or Steve Elias (Perth) to discuss in more detail.

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Jessica Olivier
Partner, R&D Tax and Government Incentives, National Leader - Manufacturing Services
Steve Elias
Principal - Perth