The IIA-Australia White Paper ‘The Benefits of Addressing ESG Risk’ outlined reasons why organisations should have a sharp focus on ESG, and the benefits holistic assessments in this space can have on companies and the wider global community.

This White Paper explores the role internal audit can play by developing, driving, supporting and assuring growth of ESG, and how this contribution can enhance the environment, our society and the global landscape as a whole.

Driving the ESG Agenda can be scary. There is a lot to consider and, in some cases, hearts and minds to win over. It is easier to be critical than create. Key questions to ask, answer and stand behind include: 

  • Who will take the first step in our ESG journey?
  • Who will begin to align our data into meaningful information to support our ESG vision and ethos? Future-proof your fraud management strategy through investigation, detection, prevention, and protection.
  • Who will be able to assure us that we are reporting ESG outcomes accurately, fairly and transparently?
  • This White Paper seeks to assist in ‘steering the ship’ and provide guidance to help answer these questions?



This White Paper has been written to build on IIA-Australia White Paper ‘The Benefits of Addressing ESG Risk’ (De Negri, 2022). It outlines the role internal audit can play supporting the growth of ESG outcomes for stakeholders. The White Paper specifically focuses on how internal audit can provide support with foundational skills, knowledge and experience.

This article was originally published by the IIA-Australia: