Fighting Insider Fraud: Using the Right Technologies

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Roger Darvall-Stevens, Partner and Head of Fraud and Forensic Services, met with the team at Fraud Today for an interview to discuss his latest global webinar on the topic of Fighting Insider Fraud: Using the Right Technologies. 

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“To crack down on insider fraud, organizations should consider using data analytics, data visualization software, predictive modelling, social network analysis, and artificial intelligence, machine learning”, says Roger Darvall-Stevens.

For example, emotional tonal or sentimental analysis involves using email  server data  to identify words and phrases that are symptomatic of motive, opportunity, and rationalization of the fraud triangle. Wherever there is a connection, use that as a red flag for fraud investigation.

Roger’s webinar provides insight into:Building and computer fraud

  • What is insider fraud and its prevalence, especially recent increases in fraud in COVID and post-COVID times that created the perfect storm for insider fraud? 
  • Red flags of insider fraud of which to be aware. 
  • Factors to consider for mitigating insider fraud, including the fraud triangle
  • Insider fraud quantum increases when more than one fraud is involved (collusion). 
  • What can businesses do, especially with the benefit of technology solutions, to detect this sort of insider fraud threat
  • Technologies in its different types that can play a role for businesses to detect insider (and other) fraud including:
    • ​Using data analytics. 
    • Data visualization software.
    • Predictive modelling.
    • Social network analysis / OSINT (open-source intelligence) background checking.
    • ‘Fraud triangle data analytics’ in interrogating email traffic for ‘unstructured data fraud red flags’ which is sometimes called emotional tome or sentiment analysis.
  • How to map a fraud program against global and other standards. 


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Have a question about insider fraud in your organisation?

If you have any questions on this topic or how to reduce fraud and / or corruption risks in your business, please do not hesitate to contact Roger Darvall-Stevens, National Head of Fraud & Forensic Services at RSM.


Roger Darvall-Stevens
Partner and Head of Fraud & Forensic Services

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