How to cut IT costs when cash flow is tight

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With most businesses across Australia suffering a steep blow to cash flow in the current climate, it’s never been more important to eliminate wasteful spending.

In an upturn, it’s easy to get complacent about where money goes. But during a downturn, you will want to preserve every cent to give your business the best chance of survival. asset_35.png

Because it’s technical, information technology (IT) is an area of particular concern. Many business owners simply don’t realise how much money they’re wasting or why.

Unfortunately, we see far too many businesses pay hand over fist for IT systems when they needn’t be. This includes the cost of general IT equipment, IT support services, remote setups, software subscriptions, and so on.

If you’re concerned about your IT expenditure or want to find out how to cut costs, have an independent IT expert review your set up for you.

This is a great way to source objective advice, and ensure your systems are giving you the most bang for your buck.

Get a free analysis of your IT costs asset_31.png

At RSM, we have an ICT outsourcing division that manages the IT systems for businesses across a variety of industries.

With a national presence, we make it easy for companies with multiple locations to use a single trusted provider.

As our other divisions are so heavily involved in business advisory, finance and consulting, we understand more than most how much recent events are affecting companies and their bottom line.

This is why our ICT experts are offering a free analysis to help you:

  • uncover ways to cut IT costs
  • make sure you’re getting the best deals from suppliers
  • identify areas of weakness

We’re here if you need us

If you find yourself struggling with IT services, we can help.

Our experienced team has decades of combined experience in a broad range of ICT areas, which enables us to deliver an Australia-wide ICT capability including:

  • Hardware and software set up
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Cloud services
  • Dedicated help desk
  • IT security
  • Real-time systems monitoring
  • Disaster recovery

We also have strong relationships with tier 1 suppliers to ensure you get access to better deals on leading IT hardware and software. 

To book a free analysis of your IT costs, contact our IT consulting division today.


Michael Palermo
Principal - Perth

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