How damaging is the KRACK Wi-Fi attack?

Mind the KRACK – How damaging is the KRACK Wi-Fi attack?

How damaging is the KRACK Wi-Fi attack and can it simply be patched with software updates? RSM’s Cyber expert, Michael Shatter (National Director, Security and Privacy Risk Services) catches up with Daimon Geopfert, National Leader of Security and Privacy (RSM US) to discuss the issue further. KRACK Wi-Fi

A devastating flaw in Wi-Fi’s security protocol makes it possible for attackers to listen in on your data when you connect to Wi-Fi. This is known as the KRACK Wi-Fi attack and it effects the Wi-Fi protocol itself - not specific products or implementations. 

Fortunately, most major tech companies are moving quickly to patch the issue however some vendors may need to physically replace parts.

Is the KRACK Wi-Fi attack a proven attack? Based on many different vendors, the answer may vary. Depending on the type of vendor, the actual damage is going to be vendor specific and dependent on how they code their specific implementation of that wireless protocol.

Are the KRACK Wi-Fi attacks disastrous?

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