RSM Australia and CMH Practice Management's partnership to boost innovation and financial security in healthcare  

RSM Australia, a leading professional services firm and trusted adviser of Australian health professionals and CMH Practice Management today announced its partnership with the obRSM Australia and CMH Practice Management announces partnership to boost innovation and financial security in healthcare .jective of providing healthcare businesses personalised solutions and strategies by leveraging practice data to stand out in a competitive environment.

This partnership seeks to place health care innovation at the forefront to assist business leaders in achieving their goals. 

Clinimetrix, a detailed medical intelligence platform offered by CMH Practice Management, will be utilised by RSM’s expert medical specialists to help manage practices more effectively. The medical analytics tool provides tailored solutions based on data to generate more income, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. 

Clinimetrix has been reviewed by medical technology experts as the most complete medical analytics tool available for medical practices in Australia.  It enables practices to better understand all aspects of their businesses with both financial and clinical metrics in the one platfrom. 

“The partnership between RSM and Clinimetrix started when we identified a need to measure and monitor practice performance using practice data, rather than traditional qualitative data. It allows us to dig deeper to truly understand practice operation and the business environment they’re operating in”, says Peter Nicol, Head of Medical at RSM.

Young Han, Senior Manager at RSM, says “Managing every facet of a medical practice while ensuring viability and success can be overwhelming. Clinimetrix allows healthcare leaders to dive deep into the real-time data and ensure that they’re getting both clinical and financial data they need to manage risk and improve practice performance. It allows practitioners and the preventive health care team to identify high risk patients, make informed decisions and allocate adequate resources accordingly.”RSM’s expert medical specialists help manage practices more effectively by providing tailored solutions based on data extracted using Clinimetrix to manage risk, generate more income, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

The solutions provided by Clinimetrix offers leaders the agility to adapt their practice management to climatic impacts like the pandemic, and/or flu season.

It enables practice owners to identify revenue improvement opportunities by analysing GP billing behaviour, impact of MBS items trending over time, patient demographic, and review of year-on-year comparisons.

The expertise provided by RSM’s medical specialists coupled with the analysts and developers of Clinimetrix enable modern medical practices to use practice data to achieve greater accuracy and improved financial and clinical results within the healthcare sector.

Customisation of healthcare offers a clear way for practices to engage more deeply and effectively with the people they serve. It allows professionals to understand their patients and provide pro-active care that is more personal, effective, and informative. 

“We built Clinimetrix to service our successful medical practices. Our partnership with RSM gives any practice the opportunity to take advantage of 6 years of development and use the skills of RSM to deliver improved financial and clinical reporting to create opportunities for growth” said Ian Lowe, CEO of CMH Practice Management. 

Healthcare is a highly competitive sector, with skills shortages and GPs in high demand. The increasing pressures for improved clinical, operational, and financial performance leave little room for trial and error. It is therefore important to implement effective business strategies by leveraging data – a proven strategy in uncertain times and have experts streamline your medical business processes, maximise profits and overcome the unique industry challenges.  

Boosting Innovation in Healthcare  RSM Australia & CMH Practice Management

About RSM Australia  

RSM Australia is one of Australia’s leading professional service firms.

Over the last 100 years, RSM Australia is committed to enabling clients through a greater understanding of what matters most to their businesses. In addition to local knowledge provided by our advisers in 32 offices across Australia, we draw on our international reach and scale to ensure clients stay at the forefront of the world’s best practices, technology, and innovation within a rapidly changing global economy. 

About CMH Practice Management  

CMH Practice Management is a dynamic medical firm with 20 years of practice management innovation, backed by decades of clinical and operational success.


The strategic move was made to accommodate the current surge in demand of delivering general practitioners and medical practices with a unique and ‘complete service offering’. CMH Practice Management seeks to bring value to medical practices and offers a wide range of products, including a full service offering to support  and practice's services that support your goals and strategies. 

For further information

For further information, please contact Young Han (Senior Manager, RSM Australia) or Claresta Yeo (Marketing & Customer Experience Manager, CMH Practice Management).