Trent Pedley
Trent Pedley
Senior Manager

As May approaches, so does an opportunity to step up for a cause that touches countless lives: Walk for Autism. 

This unique challenge, set to commence next month, not only promotes physical activity but also fosters understanding and generates crucial funds for individuals on the autism spectrum. Participants commit to walking 7,000 steps a day for either 7, 14, or 31 days, symbolising a stride towards an inclusive and autism-friendly world. trent and son

The significance of this initiative cannot be overstated, especially considering that 1 in 70 individuals in Australia are on the autism spectrum. The funds raised through Walk for Autism serve as a lifeline, providing essential services and programs tailored to empower those with autism to thrive within their communities. It's a reminder that early intervention and ongoing support can be transformative, not only for individuals with autism but for their families as well. 

Join Trent Pedley, Canberra Business Advisory Senior Manager, as he laces up his shoes and embarks on a journey of compassion, solidarity, and progress.

  1. What initially drew you to this particular organisation?
    My youngest son James is neurodiverse.  I was drawn to Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) as they provide readily available resources through their website, including research-based factsheets and blogs/podcasts.  I personally found the resources very useful and wanted to support the organisation to continue their mission.
  2. How does the mission of the organisation align with your personal values or beliefs?
    I value their mission of working with people to deliver individual and family-based solutions needed by the community, as this aligns with my personal belief that everyone has the right to be treated respectfully and enjoy their life.
  3. Can you share any personal experiences or connections that motivated you to support this cause?
    As a parent of an autistic child, I’ve seen firsthand the challenges that individuals with autism and their families face each day.  This motivates me to support Aspects efforts further, to help them in their mission to deliver the necessary solutions to those who need them.
  4. In what specific ways do you believe this organisation is making a positive impact?
    Aspect is initiating positive change, through raising understanding of neurodiversity in our communities and workplaces.  This promotes those on the spectrum being more socially accepted and understood, improving their lives and that of their families.trent and son playing
  5. What actions have you taken to support this organisation? Are there any measurable outcomes that have resulted from your participation that you can share?
    I’ve participated in the Walk for Autism event before, donating and raising funds to support Aspects continued efforts.  My involvement in Walk for Autism has helped me connect with other families affected by neurodiversity, and to learn more about the resources and support available to us. This year I have committed to doing the full 31 days of May, walking 7,000 steps a day to achieve a mighty 217,000 steps by the end of the month.  I hope that with support we can raise the necessary funds to further support the advocacy and work done by Aspect.  




If you would like to make a difference and contribute to this vital cause, we invite you to donate today. Your support will directly impact the lives of individuals on the autism spectrum, enabling them to access essential services and programs. Together, we can create a more inclusive and supportive world for everyone. Please visit our fundraising page here to donate. Every contribution, no matter the size, brings us closer to our goal. Thank you for your generosity and compassion.