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Our Financial Planners in Perth are skilled in crafting practical solutions to assist you in achieving your objectives, whether it involves portfolio creation, safeguarding your family from financial setbacks, or planning for your ideal retirement.

Our local team of Financial Planners offer a whole range of financial planning services, from super consolidation, advising on life insurance decisions, retirement planning and estate planning to setting up investment portfolios and making sure you and your assets are well-protected.

You’ve worked hard your whole life, you should be able to experience your ideal retirement.


  • Superannuation funds & contributions
  • Superannuation fund consolidation & rolling balances
  • Self-Managed Super Funds
  • Investment strategy
  • Transition to retirement
  • Trusts & succession planning, Estate planning
  • Negative gearing
  • Insurance protection


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Financial adviser and planning specialists in Perth

Investment advice

 We help you develop investment priorities and goals matched against a realistic timeframe to ensure you get the maximum possible benefit from your earned income and accumulated wealth. 

Financial adviser and planning specialists in Perth


  Research has consistently shown that most Australians do not have sufficient wealth or insurance cover in place to protect themselves, their families or their business interests should disaster strike.

Financial adviser and planning specialists in Perth

Intergenerational wealth transfer

Holding onto the vision you have of your financial future as well as your families can be a daunting task. This is where the experienced professionals from RSM Financial Services can make a real difference.

Financial adviser and planning specialists in Perth

Superannuation Advice

No matter your age or life stage, your superannuation matters. With expert guidance from RSM, you’ll be surprised how the smallest of change can bring significant impacts to your total superannuation balance and bring you one step closer to the comfortable retirement you desire.
Financial adviser and planning specialists in Perth

Retirement planning

Just as the ideal retirement balance is different for everyone, so too is the path to get there. It’s essential to engage an experienced Adviser who can help you work through the numbers and avoid the many traps and pitfalls.

Financial adviser and planning specialists in Perth

The right advice for you

Whether you are looking for one-off advice or a comprehensive financial plan and an ongoing advice relationship, our highly qualified and experienced financial planners will keep your goals front of mind. This enables you to make confident and informed decisions for your financial future.

Let us help simplify your Superannuation

Your superannuation can be a major vehicle for wealth accumulation in your life.

But it’s important to understand where your super money is going so you can take specific measures to maximise your return. It’s also important to structure your investments according to the level of risk you are comfortable accepting. Super funds usually have various risk options you can choose from.

It’s important to realise different super funds charge different fees for the investment options, product features and benefits applicable to each fund. It's important that the provider you are with has features and benefits that are tailored to your circumstances and objectives to ensure you are maximising value.


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Do you have a pre-retirement plan?

As you approach retirement...

You may elect to adopt a lower level of risk to preserve your capital; and there are other steps you should also take, such as:

Exploring your eligibility for the Commonwealth Age Pension
Repaying all outstanding debt
Reviewing your estate planning details