Our People

Chris Oates
Financial Adviser - Canberra


Chris is a Certified Financial Planner® with significant experience providing advice on superannuation, managed investments and retirement income streams.

Chris brings his extensive knowledge base and technical expertise from many years in the finance industry to develop comprehensive solutions for individual, corporate and government clients.

With a strong background generating financial strategies for both public and private sector clients, Chris prides himself on his ability to build long lasting relationships and deliver personalised, professional services that simplify the financial complexities of life. His deep knowledge of Commonwealth defined benefit superannuation schemes has helped enhance the lives of many public sector employees and their families, allowing them to achieve the best possible outcomes and giving them the freedom to enjoy the things they care about most. 

Chris’ ethical and educational approach to financial management focuses on building the knowledge and understanding of his clients so they are empowered to make sound financial choices. Whether there are important financial decisions to be made or people are simply working to achieve a lifestyle goal, Chris specialises in tailoring investment solutions that ensure his clients are best placed to make the most of the future.

RSM Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd ABN 22 009 176 354 AFS Licence No 238282

Solutions Chris provides

  • portfolio management
  • wealth management
  • pre and post retirement planning
  • direct share investment
  • superannuation including self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs)
  • wealth protection strategies including personal insurance
  • business protection planning 


  • Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA)


  • Bachelor of Commerce – Banking & Financial Services (University of Canberra)
  • Diploma of Financial Planning
  • CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (Financial Planning Association of Australia)

Season 2 Episode 5: The financial New Year's resolutions you need to keep in 2023

17 January 2023
Everyone makes (and breaks) resolutions at the turning of the year. But with rising inflation and a looming recession, there are some financial new year's resolutions that will be essential to get ahead in 2023. talkBIG hosts Chris and Young chat to guest Andrew Fernance about setting and achieving financial goals, with expert strategies for making hard financial decisions. Whether you're managing your personal finances or the budget for your business, these tips will help you get ahead in 2023.

Season 2 Episode 4 : How to get started with investing and trading on the stock market with Louise Bedford

25 November 2022
Interested in the stock market but not sure where to begin? Special guest Louise Bedford shares her secrets to becoming a successful day trader. She talks about how to cut through the amateur advice that might get you into trouble, and navigate market volatility like a pro.

Season 2 Episode 2: Building your personal wealth | talkBIG Podcast

10 October 2022
In this episode of talkBIG, hosts Andrew, Young and Chris take on a topic many people want the answer to: "How do I get rich?"   

Season 2 Episode 1: Tax Deductions - Understanding which expenses can be deducted and which can't | talkBIG Podcast

12 September 2022
Our talkBIG hosts, Andrew, Chris, and Young,  discuss the "golden rules" of managing tax deductions. Along the way, they cover the Australian Tax Office (ATO) rules surrounding travel expenses,  record keeping,  COVID-19 payments, RAT tests,  changes to superannuation, cars,  clothes, laundry, education and training, working from home, holiday homes and rental properties.

Episode 13: Does health insurance save you money? | talkBIG Podcast

10 May 2022
Is health insurance worth your while? Shaped in the late 1900's with the commencement of Medicare, Australia's health system is very different to any other country. It gives Australians universal access but, what is the cost of that and what role does private health insurance play? From a society perspective, health insurance is very muc...

Episode 12: Going IPO, the latest achievement in Kate's journey! | talkBIG Podcast

26 April 2022
Kate Carnell AO is an Australian businesswoman and former politician. Now, as Chair of a recently publicly listed company, Racing and Sports, Kate takes us through what is involved in going IPO and what has kept her enthused and focused on what really counts in business throughout the years.  Kate started her career as a Pharmacist in th...

Episode 11: 2022-23 Federal Budget Analysis

1 April 2022
Access insights from our panel of experts as they unpack the challenges and opportunities for an Australia focused on recovery and re-building.

Episode 10: Economic effects of climate change | talkBIG Podcast

23 March 2022
Over recent times in Australia alone, we've experienced increasing economic threats due to floods, bushfires and natural disasters. Being a coastal nation, sea levels rising which will affect most of our major cities in the near future. Maintaining agricultural productivity, more droughts or floods and heat stress in general will also be of a particular concern. When the solution seems clear, how can one make world leaders think beyond the next 2-3 years? In this episode, we explore the opportunities available and what might be hindering more rapid progress from both the Government and private sector.

Episode 9: Entering into a relationship | talkBIG Podcast

10 March 2022
Join us as we talk prenups, postnups, your rights in a defacto relationship, and what to do in a separation to avoid spending money in court while protecting things like inheritances and determining who gets to keep the family pet! LISTEN NOW>

Episode 8: Getting into the cryptocurrency game | talkBIG Podcast

24 February 2022
What exactly is bitcoin? Getting into the cryptocurrency game If you're thinking of getting into Cryptocurrency, a great place to start is by knowing where to invest and avoiding the 'FOMOs', taking a common sense approach and to start following the exchange. In this talkBIG episode, David Elliott, of Agile Digital, talks everything you need to know to begin your crypto journey, including hardwear wallets, private keys, bitcoin security, data storage and what lies ahead! Will banks go the same way as the telephone booth? Crypto is a volatile asset class that experiences a lot of ups and downs so once you do take that your first steps, avoid reacting to the fluctuations and let the investment work for you long term.  LISTEN NOW

Episode 7: Take control of your personal finances | talkBIG Podcast

17 February 2022
Kick off 2022 with smart money moves to take control of your personal finances In this episode, we talk getting over your financial hangover from Christmas and start off the new year with some new ideas and tips on how to improve your personal finances. Saving and putting money aside is a lot easier that making extra money but the key is finding something that suits you and something you can stick to long-term. If you don't want the hassle of tracking your spending in a budget there are simple 'set and forget' strategies to develop that nest egg for a rainy day or holiday. LISTEN NOW

Episode 6: Small business, big technology | talkBIG Podcast

18 November 2021
Small business, big technology - Get ahead in 2022 Advancements in tech often start with accounts payable, the biggest shift being the ability to totally illuminate data entry. In this episode, we hear from Laurel Grey, National Manager of Digital Advisory at RSM, on how businesses can use RPA (Robotic Process Automation) to either ...

Episode 5: Investment on your mind? | talkBIG Podcast

4 November 2021
Investment on your mind? The COVID-19 property boom and what’s next in the Australian market The last year has seen house prices rising at record rate, locking some buyers out of the market and providing fantastic opportunities for others. Julian Muldoon, Director, 1Group Property Advisory gives us a great run down on the property mark...

Episode 4: Is your business fraud resilient? | talkBIG Podcast

18 October 2021
Is your business fraud resilient? In this episode, we speak with Roger Darvall-Stevens, Partner and Head of Fraud and Forensic Services at RSM on what business owners can be doing to prevent, detect & respond to fraudulent activity.  From training your employees to knowing what to look out for, developing whistleblower programs and regul...

Episode 1: Top tax time tips for 2021 | talkBIG Podcast

1 October 2021
Top tax time tips for 2021 What's the ATO targeting this year according to the accounting grapevine? In the first episode of the RSM talkBIG podcast, our hosts spill the beans on what to do to avoid becoming under the radar and ensuring you've ticked all the compliance boxes. From working from home expenses through to self education, we discuss tax opportunities, common mistakes and how to achieve your best outcome this tax season. Listen now

Episode 3: Harry Potter retailer navigates COVID-19 | talkBIG Podcast

1 October 2021
Harry Potter retailer navigates COVID-19 In this episode, we speak with former Paralympian speed skier Michael Milton as he navigates lockdown in his new life as owner of Quizzic Alley, stocking Australia’s largest range of licensed Harry Potter merchandise! As a family-owned small business with retail outlets in Canberra and Sydney, Michael takes us through his journey and, more recently, their challenges in navigating lockdowns and business support grants. LISTEN NOW

Episode 2: Hospitality business pivots during COVID-19 | talkBIG Podcast

1 October 2021
Hospitality business pivots during COVID-19 When the Trimboli family opened one of Canberra's first delicatessens in 1978 which later launched them into the hospitality business, they could have never predicted the turn of events that they, along with the rest of the world, have had to face in the 18 months.   We find out what they did to reinvented themselves in response to COVID in the early days and how it is still affecting how they operate and do business today. Listen noW

Retirement - How much do I need?

17 September 2020
Retirement: a delightful word that conjures up images of days spent in slippers, volunteering to help others, rediscovering old hobbies, taking long cruises in the Mediterranean, or just enjoying your new found freedom. How long each of us needs to wait before we can retire – and the kind of lifestyle we’re able to enjoy while in retirement ...

Webinar: Redundancy - What you need to know | 2 September 2020

2 September 2020
Are you, a family member or a friend being made redundant, or worried you might be? In our 'Redundancy - What you need to know' webinar, we highlighted what a redundancy might mean for you, what to look out for and potential pathways to navigate through uncertain times. Financial Advisers Chris Oates and Lindsay Walker talk abo...