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With over 20 years of experience in developing integrated strategic communications and marketing plans for large multinational corporate businesses through to small, local enterprises, Kirsty applies a detailed understanding of business priorities, consumer, competitive, and market insights to developing business and marketing strategies to rapidly advance her client’s goals.

"I thrive on understanding what motivates people to change behaviour - whether it is unpicking consumer data and insights, conducting financial modelling or restructuring organisations processes and procedures, it's about finding the lever that drives change."

asset_45.pngPredominantly working with providers of disability services, aged care, regional hospitals, and healthcare services to support their transition to the fee for service funding under NDIS "choice and control" or aged care "consumer-directed care", Kirsty is a key in applying our learning in this space to Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) and health practices such as GP clinics.

Kirsty also enjoys working with a range of different industries on economic development and change projects and has recently undertaken a detailed consultation and study of the Lawn Bowls sector in the ACT. In addition to this, Kirsty provides economic reports and analysis to leading agribusiness not-for-profits that supports regenerative agriculture.

Before Kirsty joined RSM, she worked at a leading Australian advertising and branding agency in media strategy for 17 years, and then managed blue-chip technology clients across the Asia-Pacific, developing media strategy campaigns, conducting market research and developing marketing investment strategies for optimal return on investment.

In her spare time, Kirsty loves learning and is never afraid to take on a new project or investigate a new idea.

Solutions Kirsty provides

  • Market Intelligence – Kirsty has developed market analysis reports for key industries, to identify gaps and opportunities for businesses to diversify and develop service delivery. This includes understanding the supply and demand dynamics of specific categories and sectors.
  • Consumer and Target Market Segmentation – Kirsty has conducted customer surveys and developed audience segmentation analysis using a range of research sources, from client databases, bespoke research projects, and published data.
  • Market Research – Kirsty has developed and implemented global consumer segmentation and demography analyses across Asia Pacific countries. She has experience in managing brand awareness modelling and econometric modelling projects in both large and small scale markets. 
  • Market Analysis – Kirsty has conducted competitive reviews of relevant brands, brand positioning, and media and marketing expenditure for a number of market categories.
  • Mentoring and Coaching – Kirsty specialises in service providers transitioning to the NDIS / My Aged Care.
  • Seminars and Training – Kirsty presented at seminars workshops and training sessions on topics including Marketing Planning, Competitive market analysis, Mergers and Acquisitions for RSM client and sector initiatives.
  • Business Advisory Consulting - Marketing Research, Marketing and Strategy

Significant projects

  • ACT Government NDIS business investment packages 
  • ACT Government Ready4NDIS program
  • Major providers of Disability services, aged care providers, regional hospitals and healthcare services

Professional Associations

  • ACT Council of P&C Associations (President)


  • Bachelor Arts Communications (University of Canberra)
  • Diploma of Media Practice (Zenithmedia College)


  • Effectiveness Award for Royal Flying Doctors 2002 - Association for Data-drive Marketing & Advertising (ADMA)

  • Effectiveness Award for News Ltd Teleclassifieds 2003 - Association for Data-drive Marketing & Advertising (ADMA)

  • ACT Corporate Volunteering Award 2019 & 2020


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