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As National Manager of Digital Advisory and resident cloud expert at RSM in Sydney, Laurel Grey has helped over 150 businesses across Australia increase their organisational productivity through automation and digital integration and empowered RSM advisors to transition 4,000 other businesses to the cloud.

Laurel’s role involves setting up the Cloud Club®, the internal subscription business of RSM and the first of its kind among accounting firms in the country, which gives clients discounted offerings on top of the Software as a Service product in the market. Her strong relationships with cloud technology providers enable Laurel to offer up to date knowledge and effective support to clients. 

"Working with our advisers in each office and getting an understanding of what makes clients tick within each geographic area keeps me going in my role; I love being able to see the wider impact of my work come to fruition immediately."

cloud computingWith her hands-on approach and passion for digital, Laurel develops strategic cloud technology plans for clients and finds it especially rewarding to bring large businesses, across different industries, through the digital transformation process. By understanding clients’ needs, she is able to help businesses choose and implement the right software solutions.

Prior to RSM, Laurel ran her own digital consulting business, Get Digital Flow, and hosted a show called “Teach me Tech” in conjunction with Bizversity, which educated business owners across the world on how to select the best applications for their business.

Beyond cloud technology, regular world travel is a must for Laurel as her family is all in the US and Canada. Laurel also enjoys photography, graphic design and interior design.

"If I weren't doing my current role, I would be an interior designer - I have a passion for organising and beautifying spaces!"


Laurel assists clients with:

  • App Ecosystem Strategy
  • App Implementation
  • Digital Transformation Training


  • Member, Australian Business Software Industry Association (ABSIA)


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Information Systems, and Organisational Behavior - Boston University 


  • Bronze Stevie Award 2017 - Catapulting Australia's Top Mid Tier Accounting Firm Forward in The Digital Space Category: Female Entrepreneur of the Year - Business Services (11-2,500 employees)


Unlocking digital transformation

17 January 2023
Manufacturers’ Monthly speaks with RSM Australia’s national manager of Digital Advisory, Laurel Grey, about the keys to picking the right software and digital solutions to enable real business growth. Leicht’s CIA is an Australian-owned and operated, family business that manufactures cattle handling equipment; focusing mainly on cattl...

120% deduction available for your investment in technology, business skills and training

10 June 2022
As part of the 2022 Federal Budget, it was announced that small business entities would be entitled to a full deduction PLUS an additional 20% bonus deduction in relation to eligible technology, skills, and training expenditure.  Totalling a 120% deduction, a spend cap of $100,000 per annum will be applied to technology,...

What's Next in Tech? Construction: Webinar 2 | April 2022

14 April 2022
Webinar 2: Large Construction Businesses Technology across the construction industry is changing rapidly. Whether you’re a trades business or large construction business, you need the right tools in place to manage projects and jobs, your costs, staff and so much more. The number one issue our clients face is that they are eit...

What's Next in Tech? Construction: Webinar 1 | April 2022

7 April 2022
Webinar 1: Trades & Construction Businesses under $10 Million in Turnover Technology across the construction industry is changing rapidly. Whether you’re a trades business or large construction business, you need the right tools in place to manage projects and jobs, your costs, staff and so much more. The number one issue ...

What's Next in Tech Webinar – The Future of Manufacturing | March 2022

23 March 2022
The availability of technology for manufacturers in Australia has previously been quite limited to expensive, clunky ERPs or manual spreadsheets to keep track of extensive operations for small, medium, and large enterprises looking to scale. It doesn’t have to be that way. Technology solutions are becoming more automated and integrated tha...

Case Study: Performance Sailcraft

16 November 2021
Industry ILCA / Laser Dinghy Manufacturing Company size 15-20 staff Challenge Performance Sailcraft Australia (PSA) is the only builder of the Olympic class ILCA (formerly Laser) dinghy in Australia and one of only six only around the globe.   PSA management came to the RSM Digital Advisory team after separately implementing ...

Webinar: What's Next in Tech? | 30 September 2021

30 September 2021
Accounts payable has traditionally been a “mundane back office task”. But, the landscape is changing. Technology solutions are becoming far more automated and integrated than ever before. Making payments to suppliers is also far more streamlined than in the past, with many solutions offering end-to-end accounts payable processin...

How property developers can streamline their operations

2 September 2021
Have you ever found yourself thinking, “There must be a more efficient way to do this!”. Or, “Why aren’t my systems smart enough to manage all of this for me?” This is the plight of many business owners whose companies have achieved significant growth, yet still rely on basic or outdated software and practices implemented while the bus...

Has your business outgrown its accounting solution?

17 May 2021
Five telltale signs you need to re-evaluate your technology ecosystem If you’re running a small or medium enterprise in Australia, chances are you are using one of the top three accounting solutions – Xero, MYOB, or QuickBooks. These solutions are incredibly versatile and suit a range of businesses across industries and sizes. For many bu...

Webinar Series | Business and Finance Symposium | October 2020

23 October 2020
There is no better time for businesses to demonstrate their agility and provide a rapid response to the evolving needs of customers than during this pandemic. As customers adapt to the "new normal", how exactly can businesses level up to increased expectations?  In the recently concluded sessions of RSM in Sydney's Business and Finance ...

Work from the Cloud Part 6 - Get a handle on recurring expenses

9 June 2020
When times are good in business, it’s easy to let direct debits come off of your card without notice - especially if you are no longer involved in the bookkeeping. Now, more than ever, you need to keep on top of expense management and make sure what you are paying for is relative to where your business is now, not where it was six months ...

Work from the Cloud – Part 5 Adopt a collaborative, action-oriented space

3 June 2020
Your days of shouting, “Have you done XYZ yet?” across the office to your colleague may already be, or may soon be, over. As satisfying as that approach can be, the reality is that everyone is guilty of keeping way too many things in their heads. This is detrimental to gaining control over your businesses for the purpose of thinking with a cl...

Work from the Cloud Part 4 – Review your online presence

27 May 2020
Now, more than ever, people are going to be making choices to work with suppliers who can be found easily online. Has it been a while (or ever?) since you’ve logged into your website? Does it still say © 2015 in the footer? Now is the time, regardless of whether or not your business updates content regularly, for you to review and update y...

Work from the Cloud Part 3 - Move to a fully hosted email solution

26 May 2020
If you’re still downloading emails into Outlook or Apple Mail and dealing with the trials and tribulations of syncing between devices, this one is for you. While it’s a bit costlier to run a fully hosted email solution that you can access in any browser or any device, there are infinitely more benefits. Our top pick for an email solution...

Work from the Cloud Part 2 - Get your passwords into one system (and no, not in a spreadsheet!)

20 May 2020
Admit it - either you’ve been storing your passwords in your web browser, or reusing and recycling the same password combo since the turn of the century. Now’s the time to convert to a password management system that’s secure, can be accessed from any device and also shared with your team. Our top pick for password management La...

Work from the Cloud - Part 1

13 May 2020
In the span of a few short weeks following the implementation of COVID-19 restrictions, our collective circumstance changed dramatically. It seems like every time we turn on the news, there is less and less within our control. If you’re running your own business, it probably feels like things are spiralling much faster than you’d like - not o...

RSM wins the 2019 Xero Enterprise Partner of the Year award

12 December 2019
We are delighted to have won Xero’s Enterprise Partner of Year award! ...

Going digital in my business? How do I do that?

4 December 2017
Finding a reliable IT advisor is, so they tell me, a bit like finding a good mechanic to look after your car. You can spend a lot of money working out you haven’t found the right person yet.  Because technology is key to how successful your business is, you just don’t have the luxury of working through this by trial and error.&nbs...

HR systems – the benefits for small businesses

3 October 2017
As a small or medium sized business, you might be thinking that implementing a HR system is unnecessary or irrelevant for your business. After all, HR systems are just for large corporations, only accessible by a limited number of HR and payroll administrators, and used to electronically store an endless number of personnel files, right? Wrong! ...

CRM systems - taking the stress out of building your database

26 September 2017
Customer relationship management systems, often referred to as CRM systems, are designed to do exactly what they say they’ll do, manage your relationships! However we all know that customer data does not populate itself, so how can you streamline this process and take the stress out of populating your database? CRM systems deserve the rep...

Cloud accounting packages - what you need to know

19 September 2017
Transitioning from a desktop product to a cloud accounting package is one of the best decisions you could make for your business this year. Here’s what you need to know about making the switch. If you’re a tech savvy business owner, there is no doubt you’ve been introduced to the wonderful world of cloud accounting and enjoyed the many...