Liviya Bohara
Accountant - Goulburn

Liviya is an Accountant in the Business Advisory division at RSM in Goulburn.

Liviya is a dedicated and results-driven accountant with a passion for utilising her analytical skills and knowledge to solve complex financial challenges.

With a strong background in financial reporting and tax, as well as a keen eye for detail, Liviya has gained valuable experience in handling intricate financial situations. Prior to joining RSM, Liviya worked as an accountant in a small firm where she gained valuable experience, primarily handling clients of a smaller scale.

“I am motivated by the satisfaction of maintaining accuracy, attention to detail, and upholding ethical standards while contributing to the financial success and growth of organisations.”

Liviya also has a knack for finding creative solutions to problems and a love for numbers that borders on being a mathematical enthusiast.

Outside of work, she is passionate about playing tennis, engaging in strategic games like chess, and exploring new places through travel. These sports and hobbies provide Liviya with enjoyment, mental stimulation, and opportunities for personal growth and exploration.



  •    Bachelor of Accounting  - Australian Catholic University 
  •    Master of Business Administration - Holmes Institute, Australia