Louis Quintal
Partner - Sydney

Louis is a Partner in the Sydney Audit & Assurance division.

Louis began working at RSM South Africa in 2004  and eventually also became CEO. He then moved to Sydney, where he is known for his auditing and consulting skills. His extensive experience spans across multiple industries, making him a versatile and knowledgeable professional in his domain.

Louis won the RSM Rising Star of the Year award in 2019. He received the award for his exceptional work and continued contributions to the RSM international network. This accolade underscores his dedication to excellence and his significant impact within the organisation.

Louis emphasises the importance of teamwork, particularly when leveraging data analytics and auditing tools to gain a comprehensive understanding of a client's business. This collaborative approach is integral to executing high-quality audits efficiently and effectively.

"Working with my team is crucial when using data analytics and auditing tools to understand a client's business. This helps us complete a high-quality audit efficiently."

The RSM network recognises Louis for his commitment to teamwork and his use of advanced technology in auditing. This has also improved client satisfaction and trust. He collaborates effectively with his team and uses data analysing to enhance audits. This helps his clients by providing them with more precise and valuable information. Louis's passion for excellence and dedication to continuous improvement make him a valuable asset to RSM.

His key areas of interest include providing financial reporting and advice, offering technical advice, and utilising international auditing standards to prepare financial audit statements. These focal points reflect his commitment to delivering precise and reliable financial insights to his clients.

Known for his unique working style, Louis is a self-proclaimed night owl who excels in the evenings and excels on minimal sleep!

Louis Quintal is a Partner of RSM Australia Partners and a Director of RSM Australia Pty Ltd.

solutions Louis Quintal provides

Louis has extensive experience delivering audit and assurance services to clients in a variety of industries including:

Significant Projects

Louis audits multinational groups in different countries, including ASX-listed companies, private equity firms, and manufacturing groups. His experience spans multiple sectors and geographies, highlighting his ability to manage complex audit engagements on a global scale.

In addition to his auditing expertise, Louis has successfully managed and implemented consolidation processes for multinational organisations. His project management skills extend to overseeing various financial reporting processes, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards.

Louis also has a reputation for his advisory capabilities, especially in resolving technical accounting issues. He has guided clients through the accounting treatments for large and complex transactions, helping them navigate intricate financial landscapes. 

His advice has been important in helping clients understand new accounting rules. He also offers practical solutions to any problems that arise.


  • Member, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ)
  • Member, South African Institute of Charted Accountants (SAICA)
  • Registered Company Auditor (ASIC)


  • Bachelor of Accounting Science (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Accounting Science
  • Certificate in Business Analytics
  • Certified Cryptocurrency Auditor


  • RSM International Rising Star Award 2019