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Audit and Assurance

Independent financial Audit and Assurance services play a critical role in creating and maintaining investor confidence in your business Audit and Assurance.
Reliable information is the basic prerequisite for confidence in the value of an organisation; for the investor and the public as well as for the organisation itself. A conscientious independent audit of an organisation's financial report provides the basis for this confidence.

RSM's Audit and Assurance team do more than deliver technically excellent audits: they draw on their in-depth knowledge of their clients' business to make constructive contributions for improvement.

RSM approaches the audit as a service for the benefit of stakeholders.

We demand audit excellence and set tough policies to achieve it. We hire talented people and invest heavily in training and tools, including systems for achieving consistency, objectivity and accountability in strict compliance with professional standards. Our assurance and advisory methodologies blend technical competencies with a detailed, robust knowledge of our clients and their markets You can expect a high level of contact with your audit partner, backed by state-of-the-art systems.


RSM's accredited audit service developed by RSM International employs world-class, proprietary technology and delivers a paperless audit solution.

Client Testimonial: UFS Dispensaries

RSM AUSTRALIA CLIENT TESTIMONIAL       |  JUNE 2018 “We have an excellent working relationship with RSM, in particular with the audit team. It is an open and frank relationship and it is definitely a high trust relationship.
20 June 2018

Scrutiny of new accounting standards – inaction not tolerated

ASIC’s heightened scrutiny of ‘big three’ accounting standards highlight inaction won’t be tolerated. 
14 June 2018

2017 Transparency report

Quality is the absolute cornerstone for RSM.
6 November 2017

AEMO report on the South Australian blackout

On Tuesday 28 March 2017, the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) released its fourth and final report into South Australia's September blackout with the conclusion that overly sensitive settings in some wind farms resulted in the statewide blackout. It also found the intermittent nature of wind was not to blame for the statewide blackout.
28 April 2017

The emergence of Blockchain- what you need to know!

Blockchain is one of the more exciting—and more misunderstood—emerging technologies.
28 April 2017

ASIC media release on new accounting standards

ASIC published a media release on 16 December 2016 highlighting the need for action on three major new accounting standards.  The three standards are: AASB 9 Financial Instruments (applies from years commencing 1 January 2018)
20 December 2016

The fine art of hiring consulting services

By investing more time running a competitive tender process, companies should end up with consulting services that better reflect their business needs.
14 December 2016

Industry insight - Vitamin and supplement manufacturing

A snapshot of the key statistics and current industry performance in the vitamin and supplement manufacturing sector.
20 April 2016

Industry insight - Milk powder manufacturing

A snapshot of the key statistics and current industry performance in the milk powder manufacturing sector.
20 April 2016