Our People


Neil is a Partner of the Restructuring & Recovery divison in Perth and the former National Head of RSM’s Restructuring & Recovery group, a role held during the period 2007 to 2014. Neil has more than 30 years experience in public practice and commerce, specialising in the corporate insolvency area for the last 24 years. He is responsible for developing recovery strategies for businesses experiencing financial tensions, and for the conduct of:

  • corporate restructuring and insolvency administrations
  • business investigations
  • consulting assignments to directors, business proprietors, financiers, listed public companies and government funding agencies

As national head, Neil reported to RSM's national chairman and executive with responsibility for strategic development and implementation, marketing, technical training and quality assurance.

Neil Cribb is a Partner of RSM Australia Partners and a Director of RSM Australia Pty Ltd.

Mobile Service Locations:
Broome, Bunbury, Busselton, Geraldton, Karratha, and Perth.

Solutions Neil provides

Neil has extensive skills in the specialised area of Restructuring and Recovery and has experience in many industries including earthmoving and construction, mining services and resources, manufacturing and fabrication, dealerships/bailments, hospitality and leisure, property development, and agribusiness.

Neil also has extensive skills in corporate finance - skills obtained through broad experience in commerce and public practice both in Australia and the United Kingdom and corporate insolvency engagements. 

Professional associations

  • Member, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • Associate, Australian Restructuring Insolvency and Turnaround Association
  • Member, Forensic Accounting Special Interest Group within Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
  • Member, Australian Institute of Company Directors


  • Official liquidator
  • Registered liquidator
  • Registered co-operative company liquidator

What to do if you are in financial difficulty

10 May 2022
Your cash flow has dried up. You have mounting debts. You aren’t sure if the government will provide more support. You don’t know what to do next. Your stress-levels are through the roof. If you are facing financial difficulty, you’re not alone. Statistics show us that in the last 10 years there have been more than 163,000 personal bankrup...

Having a failing business is mentally tough

1 July 2021
It takes its toll: mental health and the fear of bankruptcy. This month Andrew Bowcher, an RSM Partner based in Wagga Wagga, shares his personal experience of working with people who are facing potential bankruptcy. After nearly 20 years with RSM, he has worked with a lot of clients and heard a lot of personal stories.

Tips to avoid failure for small business - Part 1

6 October 2017
Small business owners take note! At RSM, we have seen many businesses with cash flow problems or debt recovery issues successfully turned around as a result of early action on the part of directors and business owners.   Unfortunately, business failures usually occur where action is taken far too late to enable any chance of turnaround or...

Protecting your Assets – the PPSR is (most likely) for you!

16 November 2016
The Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) has been in operation since 30 January 2012, yet many businesses continue to be ignorant of the PPSR by not understanding the nature of their agreement with customers, failing to register or registering incorrectly.

Untrustworthy advisers exploit unsuspecting directors

21 September 2016
Our August Newsletter ('Phoenix Rising: ASIC Keeps Eagle Eye on Professional Adviser') noted ASIC’s prosecution of a business adviser who assisted a director to breach his statutory duties. ASIC has now written to company directors highlighting the need for caution when contacted 'out of the blue' by advisers seeking to assist them in cas...

Resources Slowdown – coming to a business near you

24 May 2016
We are reminded daily of the effects of declining investment in mining construction and the collapse in commodity prices on the Australian economy. This has been highlighted in the 2016 federal budget where the Federal Government realises the mining investment boom is over and it is trying to stimulate the economy and job growth thro...

Director Penalty Notices - An explanation of the Director Penalty Regime

13 April 2016
What is a director penalty notice (DPN)? A notice issued by the ATO, which if not complied with by the due date, makes a director personally liable for the penalty amount until it is paid in full. The director penalty regime applies to: Unpaid Pay As You Go (PAYG) withholding amounts Unpaid Superannuation Guarantee Charge (SGC) ob...

How to avoid becoming a zombie company

11 February 2015
Like the traditional walking dead, zombie companies wander aimlessly and unsteadily, not quite alive but still moving. The term ‘zombie companies’ has become more common as low interest rates let otherwise struggling companies battle on. In the past, many of these underperforming organisations managed to slip under the radar, escaping insolv...

ASIC keeps eagle eye on professional advisers

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) has demonstrated a continued commitment to investigating and prosecuting professional advisers who aid in breaches of director duties, or who are involved in phoenix activity. Most recently, this has been shown in court action brought by ASIC against the proprietor of a small business advis...