Our People


Robert is a Director based in the Perth office of RSM Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd.

He joined the firm in 2007 to provide technical and financial modelling expertise to the financial adviser group. In 2011 Robert moved into an advisor role and now provides comprehensive strategic advice to a range of clients with differing circumstances. Robert Zammit financial planner

Robert decided to join the financial planning industry when he realised he was able to utilise his skills in economics and investments to help enhance the lives of clients and their families. Robert is a firm believer that once an individual’s finances are in order, they can relax and focus on the more important parts of life such as family, holidays, sport and hobbies, all of which he very much enjoys himself. 

"I am motivated by allowing clients to seek financial security to allow them to do what they want to do rather than work. Also educating our clients so they understand their finances and how to make the wisest decisions with their wealth."

Robert is part of the new generation of financial planners who aims to build long lasting relationships with his clients. He takes away the stress and worry of finances by getting his clients from where they are now to where they want to be financially. This allows his clients to focus on their personal lifestyle goals, knowing that their finances are all in order. 

Clients who will benefit most from Robert’s expertise are those who are time poor whether it is due to family commitments, wanting to focus on other things in life or are busy running a business and need to out source the financial complexities in their lives. 

Robert aims to educate his clients along the journey of receiving advice by building his clients’ financial knowledge and understanding. He finds that when an individual has some understanding of their finances they are prepared to make sound financial decisions which enhances their financial outcomes. 

Outside of work, Rob loves fishing, keeping his marine aquarium, kayaking, or any sport. He is an energiser bunny and loves to work out to get the best outcomes.

RSM Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd ABN 22 009 176 354 AFS Licence No 238282.

Robert Zammit is a Partner of RSM Australia Partners and a  Director of RSM Financial Services Australia Pty Ltd.

Solutions Robert ZAMMIT provides

  • Maximising wealth in the lead up to retirement
  • Mitigating individuals risk using a range of insurances
  • Financial modelling
  • Objective based financial advice
  • Personal private banking services for those who are time poor
  • Education focusing on financial investments, strategies and market updates


  • Robert is known for his ability to have tough discussions with clients to ensure that their investment decisions and strategic planning in the lead up to retirement is optimised based on their personal circumstances.
  • Works with high net worth individuals who want to responsibly build and grow their wealth over time.

Professional Associations

  • CFP® professional, Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA)
  • WA Chapter Committee Member, Financial Planning Association (FPA)


  • Bachelor of Commerce – Economics & Financial Planning (Curtin University)


  • basic_illustrations-01-award_best_practice.pngFINALIST, IFA EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2018 - Best Client Servicing Individual
  • FINALIST, FPA AWARDS 2017 - Professional of the Year Award
  • FINALIST, FPA AWARDS 2017 - FPA Certified Financial Planner

Super funds are not collectables: how multiple funds might be costing you more.

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21 March 2019
About 28 million superannuation accounts for 25 million Australians look to be way too many, and seemingly justifies a Federal Government campaign to forcibly consolidate funds. Many will say we have too many accounts because people change jobs and do not elect where their superannuation should be paid to. This forces employers to open a new acc...

Reducing financial pressures in the face of critical illness

13 November 2018
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Donations really do pay dividends

13 October 2017
You may think that rarely does a financial advisor suggest to clients to give away some of their hard earned wealth as a donation. The good news is there are real financial rewards and benefits in doing so, not to mention the feel-good factor and social benefits which arise. Many people may decide to leave a portion of their wealth ...

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13 September 2017
Being diagnosed with a terminal illness can strike unexpectedly causing uncertainty and stress about the future. Establishing a plan for your next steps can be an important part of putting your mind at ease. Over two year's ago, Lorna was diagnosed with terminal stage 4 metastatic cancer.  She was told that she had less than 12 months&nbs...

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26 June 2017
If you are a former employee of the WA State Government and now earn your living through your own business, you’ve probably been enjoying some of the pay-offs of the contributions rules afforded to you as a result of being a member of the GESB West State Super Fund. If you’re not sure what we're referring to, check out our article >&...

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If you’re a doctor, engineer or teacher who has previously worked for the West Australian State Government, you may be aware of the changes to superannuation that will significantly impact one of the best retirement strategies available to you since John Howard’s $1m boom. If you have no idea what your GESB West State Super Fund could b...

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