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Travis is a Principal in the Restructuring and Recovery division of the Perth office.

A Liquidator with 20 years’ experience in the corporate and personal insolvency industry, Travis has provided extensive advice to directors, corporations and individuals facing financial hardship and has worked on a numerous formal insolvency appointments. Travis has significant exposure to industry sectors including transport, child care, telecommunications and property development.

Mobile Service Locations:
Albany, BroomeEsperance, Fremantle, Geraldton, KarrathaMandurah, Northam, Perth, and Rockingham.


  • Corporate insolvency services, including the trade-on and sale of businesses
  • Personal insolvency services, including bankruptcy appointments and personal insolvency agreements
  • Financial investigations


  • Trade-on and sale of a regional caravan park through a court-appointed receivership of a partnership dispute. Significant returns were made to the partners and the partnership was dissolved.
  • Trade-on and sale of a hotel/motel pursuant to a receivership. Trading results of the hotel were improved before it was sold to a local family who have great plans for the future of the hotel. 
  • Travis had control of the liquidation of a company that operated eight childcare centres. Travis facilitated the sale of each centre to approved licensees, which ensured the continual care of hundreds of children and kept staff of 100 in employment.
  • Voluntary administration of an internet and email provider to customers throughout the Perth metropolitan area and regional Western Australia. To meet the demands of customers throughout Western Australia, Travis facilitated the sale of the various parts of the business.
  • A personal insolvency agreement for a debtor who had a significant debt owed to the Australian Taxation Office but who disputed the extent of the taxation debts. After Travis undertook significant investigations, the debt to the Australian Taxation Office was able to be reduced by approximately $250,000 and the debtor was able to pay 100 cents in the dollar to creditors.

2021-02-05_careers_and_conversations_-_travis_kukura_-_profile.jpgProfessional Associations

  • Member, Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand
  • Member, Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association


  • Bachelor of Commerce (UWA)
  • Registered Liquidator

Update on recent ATO activity and Director Penalty Notices

21 June 2022
You may have noticed increased media coverage of the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) recently.  You might even have received a Director Penalty Notice (DPN) informing you of personal liability for company debt. So, what’s happening? Well, after two and half years of relief, the ATO has started to ramp up its debt-collecting activiti...

Liquidation or bankruptcy: sometimes it’s for the best

20 October 2021
Going into liquidation or becoming bankrupt can seem like terrifying prospects - but in some situations, it’s for the best. This month we interviewed WA-based Travis Kukura, Principal, Restructuring & Recovery at RSM, about bankruptcy and liquidation and why in some circumstances, these paths offer the best outcome for all involved. Q...

What happens when my company goes into liquidation?

26 February 2020
The fight to keep a struggling business alive can be physically, mentally and emotionally draining. While a part of you may wish to cut and run, the other part (usually the part that helped launch the business in the beginning) continues to push – exhausting every possible means to stay afloat. But whether it’s been on the cards for weeks or...

Voluntary liquidation: 5 signs it may be time for your company

26 February 2020
The demise of a company can catch any director off guard – especially if you run an established business and are no stranger to dealing with cash flow ups and downs. But regardless of whether your business is in its fragile infancy or has been around for decades, the prospect of liquidation is equally frightening. Getting a business off t...

Avoiding the wind-up to insolvency risk

22 November 2016
EARLY DETECTION CAN REVERSE SME EXPOSURE TO INSOLVENCY RISK Small businesses (SMEs) that have only managed to stay afloat by using their debts due to the Australian Tax Office (ATO) as a type of unofficial/unauthorised overdraft facility need to get a better handle on ‘insolvency risk’ or face going bust. That’s the view of Travis Kukur...

Media Release: RSM Partners Jerome Mohen and Greg Dudley appointed as the Voluntary Administrators to FIRM Construction Pty Ltd.

Sale of business and assets: Firm Construction Jerome Mohen and Greg Dudley of RSM Australia Partners were  appointed Joint and Several Administrators of FIRM Construction Pty Ltd on 24 November 2022. FIRM is an iconic and award winning Western Australian building company established in 2003, that has successfully completed nume...