NDIS Services Planning, Costing and Pricing

We can help your NDIS business identify market and services opportunities, understand relative service performance, and prioritise service mix. 

Service planning and costing can be challenging. 

Our expert team will thoroughly analyse your business model and, using a variety of techniques, help you to grow a sustainable business. 

When we overlay supply and demand on a break-even analysis, we can identify market and service opportunities for potential growth. Break-even analysis allows us to identify if the service or product line will “break-even” and provides a detailed view of what elements and services of the business are contributing to the financial performance – either a surplus or loss

Break-even analysis also informs growth needs and assists in determining the volume of capital required for growth

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Identifying NDIS markets. 

We have conducted supply and demand analysis down to detailed geographic areas including NDIS local government areas to assess market viability for new and ongoing services. 



NDIS Price Model and Break-even Analysis .

Using the NDIS price model as a benchmark, we undertake a break-even analysis to understand the minimum number of service hours required for each service to reach break-even.   

This includes: 

  • Identifying service lines that deliver volume and / or value to the overall business, and service lines that require rationalisation and review (or retirement) to improve financial sustainability of the business. 
  • Identifying areas for efficiency and improvement through highlighting services that are profitable or are delivering a loss.
  • Comparing direct service hours with the hours required to break-even to evaluate if a staffing utilisation problem exists.


If you are concerned about the performance of your NDIS services or need to understand the difference between NDIS and Non-NDIS services, contact us. 

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