Self Managed Superfunds

Self-managed Superfunds

Self-managed Superfunds

Navigate complexity, challenges and compliance with support from RSM’s specialist SMSF team.

SMSF services at RSM

Self-managed Superfunds


SMSF Services by RSM


Managing a self-managed superfund certainly isn’t easy – there are significant compliance requirements and a whole host of issues that can arise as your fund follows you through the everyday situations that unfold in your business and life.

Leave the stress and complexity to us. As highly skilled accountants and business advisers, we can help you make informed decisions, navigate difficult situations, and ensure your fund remains compliant and on track to support you in retirement.






  • There are just over 1.11 million SMSFs in Australia
  • An average 15,000 SMSFs are wound up each year
  • Listed shared account for the majority of asset allocations
  • 69% of SMSFs have 2 members
  • The highest portion of SMSFs by age group is 60-64 year olds
  • The highest portion of newly established SMSFs by age group is 35-44 year olds

**Data as at financial end 2021


Succession planning can be hugely rewarding when it’s done right

Your first consultation is on us.



What we offer

Our SMSF specialists partner with clients who are seeking expert advice and support to manage an established SMSF. As a dedicated local team, we are only ever a phone call away when you need us.

Most importantly, we offer total and timely management of all your SMSF compliance obligations (including external audits and ATO reporting) so you can stay focussed on maximising your retirement funds.

Contact us for assistance with:

  • SMSF structuring
  • Purchasing property
  • Asset acquisition strategies
  • Estate and succession planning
  • Legislation changes
  • Life changes, such as divorce


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