Climate change presents unprecedented risks to businesses in Australia. But with the right strategies and quality assurance, there are also untold opportunities.

At RSM, we provide a comprehensive range of audit, assurance and advisory services designed to strengthen and streamline compliance with reporting obligations, while building resilience against the increasing risks posed by climate change.

Working across a variety of sectors, we have extensive expertise in the regulatory frameworks that seek to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and improve the energy efficiency of businesses in Australia, and are certified auditors for many climate, energy and sustainability schemes.

Our goal is to empower your organisation to not only meet its requirements, but to drive innovation in ways that positively impact the environment, communities, and the business.


  •   Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Services
  •   National greenhouse and energy reporting
  •   Energy and environmental advisory and assurance
  •   Climate change and carbon risk management
  •   Climate active services


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