The ecosystem of components and services required to appropriately secure your organisational data and supporting applications is rapidly increasing. 

Cloud services are in a state of constant evolution, offering a compelling solution for organisations looking to outsource their entire platform, infrastructure, or software to the cloud. The cloud evolution is driven by advancements in technology, security, and scalability, making the cloud an increasingly attractive environment choice   

RSM offers a comprehensive range of cloud security services, placing an emphasis on adhering to better practices, such as the Centre for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks. Our team utilises these benchmarks to meticulously assess your cloud environments, ensuring they align with the most effective security configuration guidelines and providing tailored recommendations to increase your cloud security maturity.

Furthermore, RSM provides an extensive array of innovative capabilities adapted to each organisation’s unique environment. These capabilities assist in providing current state assessments against agreed criteria (better practices) and supporting your organisation towards uplifting overall cloud security measures.

Some of our cloud security services include assessments on the following:

  • Microsoft & Office 365 configurations;
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure configurations;
  • Amazon Web services (AWS) configurations; 
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) configurations;
  • Vendor Management & SaaS assurance; 
  • Cloud environment architecture;
  • Perimeter controls, visibility and audits;
  • Provider identification and conditional controls;
  • Risk-based audit, persona anomalies and privileged identity management;
  • Device management and controls; and 
  • Data governance, leakage prevention and controls

We understand that every organisation is unique, and every industry has its own complexities with managing risk, compliance, and regulatory considerations. RSM welcomes the opportunity to discuss your needs and see how we can be of assistance.

RSM’s cloud security services produce a scorecard that ranks your organisation, as well as detailing current state, risks, opportunities, and recommendations. Additionally, we provide a strategic roadmap for the components to support an increased secure state for cloud services and platforms.

Our team members have extensive experience and knowledge in various cloud-related engagements and topics, including CSA, ISO 27001, AWS, GCP, and Azure. Our team hold certificates in areas such as ISO 27001, AWS Security Specialty, and Azure Security Associate, amongst others. With this expertise, we are well-equipped to assist your organisation to achieving your cloud security objectives.

Any organisation who is currently looking to move to cloud-based services or are currently operating completely or partially within a cloud-based service can benefit from a cloud security assessment by RSM.

We can assist with the security complexities and considerations when transitioning to the cloud, as well as performing an assessment of the existing security controls and configurations of your cloud service. We pride ourselves on being flexible, and developing a tailored approach that will be the best value to your organisation.