Managing confidential data and the surrounding risks is no small task. 

You need an efficient approach that helps you align governance initiatives with your organisation's overall business strategy. An approach that can be adjusted over time.

After collaborating with you to understand and assess your information security needs, our professionals help you identify a governance framework to fit your needs. Some widely used governance frameworks include:risk consulting

  1. International Organisation for Standardisation (e.g., ISO 27001/27002)

  2. National Institute of Standards and Technology (e.g., NIST SP800-54)

  3. Industry best practices from the SANS Institute, ISACA, ISC2

If they're not a good fit, our team helps you adapt or blend standard frameworks or custom tailors a unified controls framework to address your unique needs.

Viewing your organisation holistically, we assess your organisation's security and privacy technical, compliance and risk management environments. Following the evaluation, your team will know where any existing holes are, how to fix them and how best to manage the metrics going forward.

  • Data and system classification
  • Policy and governance
  • Operational and technical security risks
  • Impact of changing business conditions
  • Compliance/regulatory/legal exposure
  • Business continuity capabilities
  • Executive management involvement
  • Internal security
  • Internet and website
  • Wireless communications
  • Physical security

Complying with any governance framework and federal/state or industry regulations can seem a formidable task. After reviewing your risk management practices, it's our job to demystify the process for you and your team. We'll provide you with a clearer understanding of your data, making it easier to manage. In addition, enterprise-wide compliance processes focus on your organisation's people, processes and technology, and incorporate the very latest risk management strategies and techniques.

RSM security and privacy professionals are more than technology specialists. They're experienced business analysts. Not only do they understand current security and privacy issues but also your specific industry and business processes. And RSM has a nationwide team of regulatory compliance professionals who can help you address additional regulatory issues you may have.

Finally, unlike firms required to rigidly conform to firm methodologies, our professionals have the necessary experience and flexibility to know when to think "out-of-the-box." That enables RSM to custom tailor approaches that truly meet your security and privacy needs.

Information security and privacy is an area fraught with risk.

When you need help in establishing an effective governance program, call the experienced team at RSM. You'll be glad you did.


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Taking steps to manage risk today ensures you protect your business and its operations in the future.