Organisations are continually reminded of the expectations of staff and customers, as well as legislative mandates to secure information and ensure the information’s confidentiality, integrity, and availability. 

With cyber-attacks and data breaches rapidly on the rise, it is only a matter of time before your organisation becomes the next likely target. No specific industry or organisation size is immune from experiencing  a cyber-attack, and organisations must act now to transform their cyber security capabilities, if they haven’t already.

We have found that some organisations have cyber security capabilities in house, and others don’t. Many organisations have one dedicated resource, or perhaps resources who wear many hats in terms of responsibilities, and it poses a significant challenging to maintain operations as well as uplift security maturity simultaneously. 

To gain an understanding of your organisation’s current security maturity, and what is required to uplift this takes time and effort – something many organisations want to do but simply do not have the resources to do so. This is where RSM can assist. 

RSM has experience with organisations who wish to increase their level of security maturity with focused assessments, as well as with organisations who don’t know where to start, or what areas they should invest their time and money in. We can assist all organisations to transform their security posture with a customised solution, regardless of what level of maturity they are. 

Whilst there is no silver bullet to securing your organisation, our experience has found that a strong cyber security strategic roadmap can focus the efforts of the organisation and result in tangible uplift in cyber security maturity.

Some of the security transformation services and focus areas we offer include:

  • Security Strategy and Roadmap Development
  • Security Design & Implementation
  • Security Architecture
  • Project Management & Assurance
  • Vendor Selection & Assessments
  • Identity & Access Management 
  • Privileged Access Management 
  • Security Incident & Event management (SIEM)
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Whatever your needs are, we look forward to discussing them with you and developing a fit for purpose solution to transform your organisation and uplift your cyber security maturity. 

The benefit of RSM’s wealth of experience is our ability to work closely with your organisation to understand your objectives, including your current level of security maturity, and where you want to be in the future. We pride ourselves on understanding your organisation, any complexities or dependencies that are unique to your operating environment, and developing a custom approach to assist, rather than a generic repeatable solution. 

Organisations who wish to uplift their overall security maturity or to focus on a particular control area, such as identity and access management or third-party risk management will benefit from RSM’s team of experts. RSM can also provide project assurance for those organisations who are currently undergoing their own security transformation to determine if their investment has met the objectives defined at the commencement of the project.