Corporate security has unfortunately become an increasing consideration and risk for business, especially in the context of increased random terrorist and criminal activity globally and at home in Australia.

We have staff with law enforcement experience in counter-terrorism, security advisor registration, and experience in providing corporate security advice. 

The Australian Standard Handbook HB 167 Security Risk Management gives guidance to organisations in this area but requires contextualising and customising to your organisation’s unique operations and security risks. Corporate security risk assessments and advice relating to mitigating harm against, or damage of, people, premises, operations and corporate travel include the following:

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Physical security assessments and advice (e.g. where executives or employees travel overseas, premises at risk of corporate espionage, threats on executives or employees, or terrorism risks)

  • Threat assessments, vulnerability analysis, treatment plans
  • Awareness training tailored to the specific security risk(s)

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Taking steps to manage risk today ensures you protect your business and its operations in the future.