In today's increasingly regulated environment, only one thing is certain - more change.

Organisations are under pressure to develop and maintain effective governance and compliance frameworks which is vital for risk management planning, workplace behaviour, and ethical decision making (as well as in order to meet a range of legal and regulatory obligations).

There are risks and rewards from embracing change and driving a transition to a governance framework. 

However, this needs to be conducted in the right way, with the right culture, and the right decision-making processes in place. Talk to an RSM adviser today to find out how you can manage risk and set a framework for future growth through your governance model. 

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Good corporate governance is essential to ensure the need for change and the opportunities that arise through change are quickly identified. The flexibility and agility needed can often be constrained by existing governance, especially where decision-making occurs at some distance from the front line.
There is much literature on various aspects of governance and many ways to assess the readiness of governance for change.

What we have found helpful is to work with our clients by assessing governance through the key elements that ultimately drive success:

  • Vision and strategy for the organisation
  • Leadership team
  • Approach to decision making, risk management, and people management
  • Values which underpin conduct and behaviour
  • Other client-specific factors

For each element, we have developed highly refined techniques to drive initial dialogue in an open, transparent manner, typically in specially convened workshops.

  • Strategy Development
  • Structure assessment and positioning for growth
  • Determining and improving the nature and makeup of organisational structure
  • Assessing culture, and how this supports organisations achieve their objectives
  • Performance Management, improving strategic reporting and decision making

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