Climate change and sustainability services

Climate change and sustainability services

Climate change and sustainability services

Climate change and sustainability services

Climate change presents unprecedented risks to businesses in Australia. But with the right strategies and quality assurance, there are also untold opportunities.

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At RSM, we provide a comprehensive range of audit, assurance and advisory services designed to strengthen and streamline compliance with reporting obligations, while building resilience against the increasing risks posed by climate change.

Working across a variety of sectors, we have extensive expertise in the regulatory frameworks that seek to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and improve the energy efficiency of businesses in Australia, and are certified auditors for many climate, energy and sustainability schemes.

Our goal is to empower your organisation to not only meet its requirements, but to drive innovation in ways that positively impact the environment, communities, and the business.

Services we provide

  • National greenhouse and energy reporting
  • Energy and environmental advisory and assurance
  • Climate change and carbon risk management
  • Environment, sustainability and governance consulting

RSM offers Workplace assurance advice

Episode 10: Economic effects of climate change | talkBIG Podcast

23 March 2022
Over recent times in Australia alone, we've experienced increasing economic threats due to floods, bushfires and natural disasters. Being a coastal nation, sea levels rising which will affect most of our major cities in the near future. Maintaining agricultural productivity, more droughts or floods and heat stress in general will also be of a particular concern. When the solution seems clear, how can one make world leaders think beyond the next 2-3 years? In this episode, we explore the opportunities available and what might be hindering more rapid progress from both the Government and private sector.

Risk Insider Newsletter - Edition #11

14 March 2022
We hope that this edition of the Risk Insider finds you well. The current circumstances that we are faced with are unprecedented and devastating. We want to take this opportunity to extend our support to any businesses that have been affected during this time

Why ESG represents big opportunities for financial services firms | An RSM Report

7 March 2022
Foreword from Tim Pittaway, National Director of Climate Change and Sustainability Services, RSM

ESG - The new normal

21 February 2022
This article was originally written by Natalie Saunders and published in WA Works Magazine.

Protect the future of your business with security certification

2 December 2021
Cybersecurity is a real risk and one that needs to be considered and managed effectively in order to protect the future of your business. 

Carbon Neutral Business - Climate Active

26 November 2021
In a world focused on remaining below 1.5 C, it is increasingly important for businesses to demonstrate and take climate action.

WA government agencies: Climate-related risk disclosures in financial reporting

3 November 2021
The old adage “sunlight is the best disinfectant” is very apt when it comes to the growing need for more complete and consistent disclosure of climate-related risks in the financial reports of Western Australian (WA) Government agencies, and government trading enterprises (GTEs). 

Rising pressure on mining companies to demonstrate ESG 

29 September 2021
With increased pressure from stakeholders, mining companies are often expected to demonstrate great care when it comes to Environment, Social and Governance (ESG).

Crypto assets continue on their fast-paced evolution

20 September 2021
During the last couple of years, crypto assets have evolved and new players continue to appear in this space, while others - like the Libra from Facebook - appear to have vanished before their debut.

Audit + Net-Zero

25 May 2021
Investors are increasing the heat on businesses to audit and cut their greenhouse gases to achieve net-zero emissions.  A major component of future business thinking will be around the design and active support of investment strategies to reduce carbon emissions.

Managing climate change – companies facing financial and legal risks

5 March 2020
In a recent article in The Age, it was reported that Australian business leaders are becoming increasingly anxious about the threat of climate change. Recent research indicates that Australian business leaders view climate change as the biggest issue facing society.  

South Pacific and Asia Conference 2020 (SOPAC®)

2 March 2020
Darren Booth, National Head of Security and Privacy Risk Services at RSM Australia, will be presenting at the upcoming South Pacific and Asia Conference 2020 (SOPAC®) on 'The latest news in cyber security'. This presentation will cover the following:

Climate change risk reporting: organisations must lead the way

20 January 2020
In late December 2019 and into January 2020, you could not access the news without hearing of the horrific bushfires which were terrorising Australia.

Safeguard Mechanism - Baseline Application Key Dates

7 January 2020
In early March 2019, amendments were made to the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (Safeguard Mechanism) Rule 2015  which had the effect of: