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Security Transformation services provided by RSM

Security Transformation

Organisations are continually reminded of their need to secure both their information and the information of their customers or clients. With cyber-attacks and data breaches rapidly on the rise, it is only a matter of time before your organisation becomes the next likely target.

While some organisations have appropriate information security capability in-house to stay on top of the latest threats and vulnerabilities to their information, others don’t.

We are in a time where organisations can no longer hope that they won't fall victim to a cyber attack, they need to expect it and be prepared for when it occurs. There is no guarantee of knowing which attack method will be used against your organisation, so it is important to ensure that implementing appropriate security controls is a priority at the people, process and technology levels.


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Information and Data Privacy services

RSM has experience with organisations who wish to increase their level of security maturity with focused assessments, as well as with organisations who don’t know where to start, or what areas they should invest their time and money in.

RSM is able to assist all organisations in transforming their security posture with a customised strategy, regardless of what level of maturity they are.

RSM’s strength is in developing and implementing cyber security strategies that are aligned to the cyber risks facing your organisation.

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RSM will work closely with your organisation to understand your level of information security maturity as well as any complexities or dependencies that are unique to your operating environment.

The benefit of RSM’s wealth of experience is our ability to recognise what makes your organisation unique and develop a tailored roadmap/strategy to improve your security posture, rather than applying a generic fit-for-all approach.

Who needs this digital transformation?

Organisations who wish to uplift their overall level of security maturity or increase the level of security of a particular focus area, such as identity and access management or third-party risk management. RSM can also provide project assurance for those organisations who are currently undergoing their own security transformation to determine if their investment has met the objectives defined at the beginning of the project.

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Overview of digital technology services

RSM’s strength is in developing and implementing cyber security strategies that are aligned to the cyber risks facing your organisation.

Whilst there is no silver bullet to securing your information, our experience has found that a strong cyber security roadmap can focus the efforts of the organisation and result in real changes in the maturity of information security. Our team focuses its transformation efforts on:

  • Security strategy
  • Security design & implementation
  • Security architecture
  • Project management & assurance
  • Vendor selection
  • Identity & access management
  • Privileged access management
  • Security incident & event management (SIEM)
  • Data loss prevention (DLP)
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