Workplace Assurance Services

Workplace Assurance Services

Organisations are operating in a rapidly changing business environment, with increasingly complex regulatory requirements.

Further to increasingly complicated legislative compliance requirements, successful businesses and business owners are realising the importance of a safe, supportive and engaging workplace to achieving their strategic goals and managing risk throughout the organisation.

In such circumstances, it is vital to maintain confidence and trust within the workplace.

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Ensuring the right people are following the right processes and using the right systems is essential to define, encourage and control conduct. We dig deeper to truly understand every client and the business environment they’re operating in and by doing so, we identify emerging opportunities and pre-empt challenges with the right solutions.


Jean-Marc Imbert
National Head of Risk Advisory

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Jeremy Elman
Principal - Sydney

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Workplace risk: Is your business at risk?

  • $61.8 billion - The cost of work-related injury and disease to the Australian economy.
  • 15 killed - The preliminary number of Australians killed at work in 2020.
  • $480 million - The total amount of workers’ compensation paid each year for work-related mental disorders.

Source: *Safe Work Australia, 2020

Workplace Assurance Services

Our RSM professionals can help provide you with peace of mind about risks while you focus on your business. We are specifically experienced to help create, enhance and monitor your key workplace processes, controls and systems.

We do this by:

  • Identifying compliance, behavioral or cultural risk across your employees and contractors;
  • Assessing any work health, workplace relations risks, health and safety or other any other workplace issues and the impact these risks could have on the employees and organisation;
  • Assessing any work health, workplace relations risks, health and safety or other any other workplace issues and the impact these risks could have on the employees and organisation;
  • Consulting on the effectiveness of monitoring, remuneration and governance frameworks and the impact which these could have on employee expectations and behaviors; and
  • Supporting all stakeholder engagement, including with the regulator

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RSM offers Workplace assurance advice

The impact of NDIS worker shortages and what to do about it

30 November 2022
The disability sector is suffering worker shortages. RSM offers tips for attracting suitable people to your NDIS business and for reducing staff turnover.

NSW Records Management Assessment Tool (RMAT)

7 June 2022
Effective April 2022, the RMAT will become part of a new Regulatory Framework for the State Records Act 1998 (the Act).  In accordance with this, all public offices will be required to submit their RMAT results as part of an updated compliance regime conducted by The State Archives and Records Authority (SARA). 

Supporting Employers to Create Mentally Healthy Workplaces

25 May 2022
Work-related psychological injuries have become a major concern in Australian workplaces.

Impact of lockdowns on NDIS, Aged Care and Community Service Providers

31 August 2021
At RSM we understand the difficulties that NDIS and Aged Care and Community Service Providers are facing with the recent round of lockdown measures in Australia.

Risk Insider Newsletter - Edition #5

29 July 2020
Audit Committees, Senior Executives and Boards need to understand the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on internal controls. The pandemic has caused many to transition to a work-from-home arrangement, and your most important internal controls may not have kept pace with these rapid process changes. Now is the time to ensure that any issues with underlying transactions, data or controls are identified and corrected, to prevent misappropriation or fraudulent activities.

Culture Drives Risk Outcomes

20 July 2020
RSM partners with Peak Performance International, a Melbourne-based people and culture consultancy, to conduct Risk Culture Indicator (RCI) surveys.

Webinar: Transitioning beyond COVID-19 | 4 June 2020

4 June 2020
The Transitioning beyond COVID-19 webinar focussed on insights about what you can, and should, do during the recovery phase of the current crisis. Led by Jamie O'Rourke, Chief Executive Partner of RSM Australia, the session included presentations from Jerome Mohen (Restructuring and Recovery, RSM Australia), Jeremy Elman (Risk

Enhanced Business Impact Analysis Methodology

3 June 2020
With the emergence and escalation of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, organisations have been required to implement strategies that respond, adapt, and protect core business functions and their employees.

Is COVID-19 an excuse to forgo forensic due diligence or integrity checks?

20 April 2020
In the wake of these ever-changing times it is quite natural for businesses and individuals to focus more on survival. This includes staff retainment rather than paying attention to protective control measures including conducting forensic due diligence checks.

COVID-19 Anti-fraud and corruption toolkit for business

27 March 2020
An important COVID-19 fraud update from the Fraud & Forensic Services team at RSM 

Home office security essentials and tax deductions during COVID-19

26 March 2020
To minimise the spread of COVID-19, businesses across the globe are hurrying to implement remote working for employees.

COVID-19 Pandemic Response Planning

12 March 2020
On the 30th of January 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) officially declared a Global Public Health Emergency in the wake of the continued spread of COVID-19 (formerly known as the Coronavirus) throughout Mainland China, Asia and Europe.

Capitalising on workplace culture

2 May 2019
Over recent years we have strived to create resilient, high performing teams, fully engaged, agile, workforces and above-the-line actions to collaboratively achieve a future vision.