In the October 2023 Tax Insight survey, businesses were asked to identify their top priorities as they looked ahead to 2024

The responses revealed a diverse range of focal points, with:

  • 42.86% emphasising the pursuit of growth as a paramount objective.
  • Technology emerged as a significant concern for 25% of respondents, underscoring the increasing role of digital advancements in shaping business strategies. 
  • Talent acquisition and development garnered attention from 21.43% of participants, highlighting the ongoing importance of building and retaining skilled teams. 
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations were identified as a priority by 10.71% of respondents, signaling a growing awareness of the significance of sustainability and responsible business practices in the corporate landscape. 

This data provides valuable insights into the multifaceted priorities that businesses are navigating as they navigate the evolving landscape of 2024.