Make sure your company is tax transparent, and rely on the support from RSM experts to comply with the requirements of the tax authorities and avoid a fine of up to PLN 250,000.


Draw upon the expertise of RSM experts in order to comply with the requirement to publish the report on your tax policy compliance

You want to be sure that your organisation operates in compliance with the amended CIT Act. You want to know which year is the first to be covered by the requirement to prepare and publish the report on your tax policy compliance. You need support in preparing and publishing the report within the statutory deadline.

Our support in preparing your tax policy compliance report means that we are going to:

  • confirm that your company is required to prepare and publish a tax policy compliance report;
  • collect any information and data that should be included in this report;
  • prepare a draft tax policy and have a discussion with the managerial staff, among others in order to discuss the data to be published along with the feasibility of the activities recommended by RSM;
  • prepare a final version of the document and support your organisation to ensure that the report is properly published and submitted;
  • prepare a succinct summary of what we did for your in-house purposes;
  • submit our recommendations (e.g. on the need to prepare and implement some additional procedures) and risks we have identified during our work for you;
  • continuously monitor the practice of the tax authorities in 2021 as regards the preparation and publication of reports and incorporate it in our work.

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