The decision to wind off a company entails the opening of liquidation proceedings before a registry court. Liquidation is a an absorbing and time-consuming process, requiring the preparation of a number of documents and taking actions before the notary public. 


In case of foreign branches the liquidation may be a result of the decision made by a foreign entrepreneur in compliance with the law of the parent company (the so-called simplified liquidation procedure). To accommodate the expectations of the market and minimise the involvement of our clients in the liquidation proceedings, we offer you the comprehensive service of company or branch liquidation. 

Our support includes:

  • Preparing templates of powers of attorney and resolutions to be adopted by foreign entrepreneurs;
  • Arranging the notarial action;
  • Preparing the resolution on putting the company into liquidation and appointing liquidators;
  • Preparing the application for entering the liquidation in the National Court Register;
  • Publication of the announcement calling claimants to submit their claims;
  • Preparing the application for deleting the company from the companies’ register and the resolution indicating the storing party entrusted with the account books and documents of the liquidated company.

Under the simplified procedure, branch liquidation involves only the submission of the application for deleting the branch from the companies’ register. There is no need to initiate the standard liquidation proceedings.

Upon the submission of the application for entering the liquidation in the National Court Register we will keep monitoring the status of the application, informing the client about the course of the proceedings. After the deadline for the submission of claims against the company under liquidation and distribution of its assets we prepare the application for deleting the company from the companies’ register.

Due to the obligation to appoint the storing party for the company’s account books and documents which has to be met by the liquidators, at the client’s request we will indicate a professional archiving company. We also offer you the service of a professional agent when adopting the resolution on the liquidation of the company, thanks to whom the partners will not be obliged to appear before the notary public.

Using the support of RSM Poland when winding off a company or a branch, you can be sure that the process is in the hands of professionals who will organise everything swiftly and in compliance with the legal regulations, with your minimum involvement in the entire process.

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