Outsourcing HR and payroll services is a common practice for businesses of all sizes, offering numerous benefits such as cost savings, increased efficiency, improved compliance and data security. Our Payroll and HR Advisory Division under the Business Solutions arm of RSM offers a wide range of solutions to help our clients manage these essential business functions.

Studies reveal that outsourcing HR and payroll functions can save businesses time and money on HR and payroll-related tasks compared to handling them in-house. Moreover, outsourcing reduces the likelihood of incurring CPF or IRAS penalties.

Outsourcing firms are often driven by intense competition to keep up with changing technology trends and market demands, and provide lean and efficient processes. They also need to ensure high levels of cybersecurity, which is an essential factor that leads businesses to outsource their HR needs.

With over 30 years of experience, our Payroll and HR Advisory Division is equipped to provide quality services on time, all the time, and securely, thanks to technology developed in-house by expert professionals. We are familiar with the ever-changing statutory regulations and their impact on payroll and HR. Our clients appreciate the additional value we bring to them with services such as Work Pass management, HR Advisory, and a dedicated specialist available from Singapore for relevant insights and information.


Case Study of Advise, Implement and Manage (“AIM”) Model Implementation for a Technology Services Provider with Employees on Client Premises

Client's background
Industry: Technology Services
Solution:  A move from their current platform to an integrated payroll solution 


Challenges and Pain points

  • Manual time in and time out entries
  • Time and attendance data was gathered manually, including leave information, to calculate normal working hours and overtime
  • Managing different work week groups
  • Challenges in tracking employee movements between client locations
  • No access to required reports or dashboards
  • Challenges in tracking HR payroll staff movements
  • Use of different systems for payroll and leave management, which were not integrated


Advise, Implement and Manage (“AIM”) Model Implementation


  • Reviewed current processes and recommended a simplified & standardised workflow
  • Recommended an integrated Human Resources Information System (“HRIS”) system with payroll, leave, time clock and expense management modules


  • Implemented an integrated cloud system
  • Automated mundane tasks
  • Set up time clock module based on requirements\
  • Set up leave module based on leave policy
  • Synced leave data with the time clock system
  • Conducted reviews of monthly online time clock 
  • Synced files from the time clock system for payroll processing
  • Set up payroll pay codes formulas to calculate overtime based on rates
  • Mapped time clock codes in payroll
  • Set up a dashboard with leave and payroll data for easy reference
  • Integrated a single HRIS system with other modules 


  • Uploaded duty rosters into the Time Management System (“TMS”)
  • Integrated the TMS with payroll and leave management system, allowing the TMS to receive leave data and push out payroll data instantly.
  • Enabled mobile app clock in and out using face detection technology
  • Provided single-sign on (“SSO”) to one system for all modules with 24/7 access
  • Generated harmonised reports that can track movements of each employee
  • Offered an Employee Self-service (“ESS”) portal and mobile app for viewing payslips and year-end tax forms

Professional services firms like the one in our case study need to have a clear view of the information used to run the business and make it available to the right people at the right time. Our AIM model implementation for payroll services allowed our client to automate mundane tasks,  integrate different systems, and set up a dashboard with leave and payroll data for easy reference. As a result, they were able to reduce costs by 25% and cut down time spent on manual processes.

With our expertise in payroll and HR services, we can help professional services firms streamline their processes, improve compliance, and increase efficiency, enabling them to focus on delivering quality services to their customers.


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